Planning tools for Fixed Wireless Broadband and Wi-Fi


LINKPlanner allows you to model “what if” scenarios – based on geography, distance, antenna height, transmit power, and other factors – to optimize system performance before purchase. Quickly design networks for optimal deployment and cost effectiveness with ease. Available for Microsoft® Windows® and Mac® systems, is a free, user-friendly link-design…

Wi-Fi Designer

Wi-Fi Designer is an intuitive tool for designing the RF coverage of your Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi Inspector provides real-time Wi-Fi monitoring from a PC or Mac.


Built upon Cambium Networks’ expertise in RF planning, propagation, and modeling as seen in LINKPlanner and integrated with GIS data down to 1 meter precision, cnHeat generates highly accurate RF predictions and derivative services that accurately represent the reality of the RF world. To get started Download the template and…

Value Profiler

The Value Profiler is an application that compares Cambium enterprise Wi-Fi and Switching solutions to other vendor’s offerings across several competitive factors. It provides an easy way to understand the value of Cambium’s solutions in terms of Total Cost of Ownership and system performance.

Deployment Tool for Fixed Wireless Broadband


Raise the bar on installation accuracy with cnArcher™, the free mobile app that gives field techs the information they need to configure and properly align Cambium Networks PMP and ePMP wireless broadband subscriber modules.

Network Management and Operations for Fixed Wireless Broadband and Wi-Fi Networks

cnMaestro Essentials

cnMaestro™ is a cloud-based or on-premises software platform for secure, end-to-end network control. Optimize system availability, maximize throughput, and meet emerging needs of business and residential customers.

cnMaestro X

cnMaestro X is a simple but sophisticated next-generation network management solution for Cambium Networks wireless and wired and solutions. cnMaestro X offers elastic scalability and a single-pane-of-glass management to deliver secure, end-to-end network and wireless lifecycle management with zero-touch provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities. It simplifies operations and ongoing maintenance.

XMS-Cloud Management

A massively scalable multi-tenant management platform that’s ultra-simple to use and virtually eliminates on-site system maintenance.


Cambium Networks Swift gives you cloud-based management of your small business networks right from your phone. Configure your networks in a few taps and get the most relevant statistics at your fingertips.

Network Service Applications

Fixed Wireless Tools

Cambium Network Updater Tool

As your network deployment expands, managing updates to your equipment can become challenging. The Cambium Networks Update Tool (CNUT) provides you a centralized interface where you can track your growing network equipment deployments and upgrade software across a wide range of supported device types. Supported equipment includes PMP, PTP, ePMP,…


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