Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company GUPCO Uses Expandable Secure Broadband Coverage in Remote Offshore Areas


Energy producers have no margin of error. Reliability, efficiency, and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are vital in oil and gas fields. Losing communications in unmanned platforms or remote areas is not an option. High maintenance costs, shortages of spare parts, and increased malfunctions have the potential to increase the risk of downed communications.

GUPCO was intended to establish a resilient onshore and offshore network to communicate three remote processing areas, nine production platforms and offshore rigs, and 80 unmanned production platforms. This network accommodates various applications, including data services, SCADA connectivity, remote monitoring of operations, weather stations, vessel tracking systems, voice and video calls, and CCTV systems

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GUPCO needed to connect platforms and rigs to remote areas, increase network capacity to enable CCTV surveillance capabilities, facilitate efficient videoconferencing and provide expandable coverage to meet future demands using secure equipment approved for oil and gas environments.
TO MEET GUPCO’S REQUIREMENTS, Systel’s IT team has been key in choosing safety systems and solutions comprised of fixed wireless equipment from Cambium Networks. The network deployment includes a combination of point-to point (PTP) and point to-multipoint (PMP) radios. The equipment is all managed and controlled by the cnMaestro™ software platform, which offers secure and comprehensive network control.
The wireless solution is robust, secure and capable of meeting the increased video surveillance demands of offshore platforms while facilitating efficient videoconferencing. By replacing numerous existing unsupported wireless devices and repairing poor links, the new deployment achieved a cost-effective and reliable solution, all completed within the specified timeframe. In addition, the system adheres to specific technical and legal prerequisites, including:
• Providing higher capacity and improved stability
• Establishing a unified communication system
• Ensuring system upgradability
• Operating within the 5.8 GHz frequency band
• Excellent monitoring and reporting capabilities through cnMaestro

Solution Technology
14 PTP 670 ATEX/HAZLOC Modules
22 PMP 450i ATEX/HAZLOC Access Points
10 PMP 450i ATEX/HAZLOC Subscriber Modules
cnMaestro™, Cambium Networks’ wireless software platform, with full network visibility and zero-touch provisioning