Sancfis Cameroun SA; Addressing Reliability & Performance


Sancfis is an ISP IN Douala, Cameroon, with most of its clients being in Douala and Yaounde. The company had performance and reliability concerns which their existing wireless broadband solution could not resolve. Most of their clients experienced instability on the network. There was an increasing need to ensure network reliability and stability for its customers, and to get this done, they worked with DNI Tech Solutions & Greenline Technologies who introduced Cambium Networks’ solutions to Sancfis Cameroun SA.

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Sancfis Cameroun SA was looking at addressing the performance and reliability concerns of its customers over time. The existing links were not reliable enough, and the Sancfis Cameroun SA team often had to go on site to get the links up and running. Sancfis Cameroun SA was approached by DNI-Tech Solutions and Greenline Technologies who presented the reliable ePMP 3000 and Force 300-25 solution. This solution was designed on LINKPlanner, and the Sancfis Cameroun SA team trained on installation and commissioning of the links with full support from Greenline Technologies and Cambium Networks. Greenline Technologies is the distributor of Cambium Networks in Central Africa and has been working closely with integrators like DNI-Tech Solutions and ISPs like Sancfis Cameroun SA, to provide them with training, necessary support and the appropriate equipment for the best customer experience.

PLANNING THE NETWORK WAS EASY. “The Cambium Networks LINKPlanner tool provided exceptional reliability in the network planning with 100% accuracy thereby exceeding the client expectations,” said Francis Mouzong, Tech Coordinator for Sancfis Cameroun SA. “The installation report generated by LINKPlanner turned out to be a reliable tool ensuring all materials were budgeted for prior to installations.”

Cambium Networks ePMP Force 300-25 was installed for the PTP links. The new solution was appreciated by all the clients as the QoE and QoS was high. No field intervention was ever needed since the links were constantly in service fulfilling the capacity and availability as predicted by LINKPlanner. Two links have been deployed in Douala for a hotel and insurance company. Sancfis Cameroun SA sought to address nine links considered to be critical, with ambition to expand by deploying 150 links within Douala and Yaounde.

According to Francis Muozong, “Sancfis Cameroun SA achieved the desired capacity with high-performance throughput and stability. This solution will sustain increasing demands in capacity needs for years to come.”

“THE CLIENTS WERE SATISFIED WITH THE CAPACITY AND THE SPEED of the connectivity as well as affordable initial deployment costs. Sancfis Cameroun SA recorded quality service to clients given the stable network translating to 100x quality services from the previous PTP platform and is forecasted to increase rapidly with the extension of this solution to their other clients. “Sancfis Cameroun SA is striving for excellence in the ISP industry in Cameroon and working with Cambium Networks solutions will go a long way to put them on top of the chart in the country.” says Eric Yah Bi, Executive Manager. Sancfis Cameroun SA achieved the capacity required with high-performance throughput and stability. This platform will sustain increasing demands in capacity needs for years to come. Sancfis Cameroun SA is under constant expansion, having a very aggressive development plan aligned with company vision to be among the major ISPs in Cameroon.