LNET Provides Market-Leading Service in Libya With Second Largest ePMP Fixed Wireless Network in the World

"We are proud to be one of the biggest ePMP networks in the world, enabling Lnet to provide excellent quality services at an affordable cost. Customers choose Lnet because we deliver what we promise at a reasonable price with a 24/7 tech support team monitoring the network thanks to cnMaestro network management capabilities." AHMED KALUSH, CEO, LNET

The Challenge

Libyan service provider LNET started a Cambium Networks deployment in 2015 when they replaced a system that was not performing up to par in noisy RF environments. Lnet operates their broadband network in densely populated urban and suburban areas, serving 60,000 residential, business and enterprise customers. They needed to choose solution that would help them meet three main goals:

  1. Increase capacity: Due to population density, the service provider's towers are located very close to each other – an average distance of 1.5 kilometers between towers. Lnet needed a solution that would scale in this dense environment and support more users.
  2. Provide superior interference tolerance: Many emitters in the urban environment create a high ambient noise level. Lnet needed a solution that would cut through the noise.
  3. Reduce capital expenditure: Supporting more users would allow Lnet to reduce costs in a competitive market.
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The Solution

LNET decided to deploy Cambium Networks’ ePMP fixed wireless broadband technology to solve their connectivity challenges. The service provider deployed 1,500 ePMP access points (AP) on 250 tower locations throughout the urban and suburban region

To address the population density issues, ePMP’s GPS synchronization and frequency reuse allows Lnet is able to scale in dense environments. ePMP’s smart beamforming antennas and intelligent filtering dealt with the interference tolerance issue.

Finally, using the cnMaestro network management system provides Lnet with a unified view of the entire network via the cloud. The solution enables reliable and secure connectivity for residential users, schools, enterprises and industrial options at a low TCO.

The Results

Now, LNET is the largest ePMP fixed wireless broadband service provider in Libya. The system blocks noise from outside the operating spectrum and uses dynamic filtering to block interference from adjacent channels.

The cost of service is between 20 and 30 times less expensive than satellite service, and the speed packages easily beat the kbps speeds of WiMax and ADSL offerings.

Many of the ePMP APs support 120 clients—five times the number possible with their previous solution. With more subscribers per AP, Lnet was able to support a significantly higher number of subscribers with less equipment, fewer towers and lower maintenance. This led them to reduce their costs and succeed in a competitive market