Hybrid Wireless Balances connects remote Oil and Gas locations with fixed wireless and Wi-Fi


Whitecap sought trustworthy internet connectivity for corporate purposes—and especially for their employees stationed in remote camps. Hybrid wireless connected the remote locations with efficient fixed wireless and Wi-Fi.

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Internet connectivity in Canada presents unique obstacles to overcome. Remote areas are often the norm rather than the exception, and the lack of broadband infrastructure significantly restricts access to reliable, high-speed Internet. Cellular solutions do exist, but they’re frequently costprohibitive and not nearly as capable. Whitecap was in need of a cost-effective, dependable and proven solution—and Hybrid Wireless was engaged to deliver on those expectations. Read on to discover how the company—in conjunction with MBSI WAV and Cambium Networks—was able to bring secure internet to some of the most isolated parts of Western Canada.

Whitecap sought trustworthy internet connectivity for corporate purposes—and especially for their employees stationed in remote camps. Filling vacancies at these secluded worksites can be challenging, and being able to deliver quality internet helps to attract top talent. Hybrid Wireless was engaged after Whitecap received several quotes—each of which brought significant pricing concerns. In some instances, upfront capital costs were an issue but monthly fees were not—and in others, the scenarios were reversed but equally out of range. Whitecap contacted Hybrid knowing they had been working with the county on some wireless links to other Oil & Gas clients.
In order to meet Whitecap’s goals and hit pricing targets, Hybrid Wireless was challenged to craft an unorthodox solution that would strike the balance between value and quality,

Working closely with Whitecap’s IT department, Hybrid Wireless designed and deployed a custom network that could deliver consistent, stable internet services to rural facilities.
Hybrid Wireless engineered a path study from a county tower which has bandwidth fed by a Cambium 850 licensed link from their fiber POP site in Fox Creek. They also constructed a 30-meter self-support tower near Edson, AB. From Fox Creek to Emerson County is a PTP 850 licensed link at 55.3km. With the amount of available bandwidth at the Emerson County tower it was easy for Hybrid Wireless to serve Whitecap via an unlicensed link using PTP670’s. The PTP link ended up being 45.5km. It was installed Feb 15, 2022. Whitecap is happy since they have had zero downtime.
To accomplish this, Hybrid Wireless leveraged several products by Cambium Networks: Outdoor Access | The PTP 670 was chosen to cover rural and unlicensed areas, while the PTP 850 was installed in all licensed regions. Indoor Access | e410 and e430 Cambium access points were used to facilitate service in all individual living spaces and indoor common areas.
Point-to-Point | Force 180s and Cambium WiFi products were used to provide short, point-to-point services. Specifically, the ePMP platform was selected, as it offers a superior cost-to-performance value.
All Cambium Networks products were procured via MBSI WAV—the region’s premier distributor of quality hardware and technologies. MBSI WAV proudly serves the Canadian wireless market, with proven technical and sales expertise. Throughout the design process, MBSI WAV partnered extensively with Hybrid Wireless— leveraging their vast product knowledge to ensure an optimal outcome for Whitecap. And when it came time to deploy the solution, MBSI WAV offered a comprehensive complement of accessorie —including enclosures, power solutions, cabling and other components.
After thoroughly configuring and bench-testing the devices, Hybrid Wireless installed all the equipment on existing (and in some cases, newly-constructed) towers. The team worked diligently to align every dish and ensure peak operating efficiency, and began to monitor the entire system using Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro software.

Thanks to the suite of purpose-built hardware and software (and a collaborative approach between all parties), Whitecap has already seen an upswell in productivity and an increase in revenue. Hybrid Wireless continues to closely monitor the system; with cnMaestro, they can manage the whole network from a single user interface—allowing them to detect and correct any unexpected disruptions, and provide detailed daily/monthly usage reports.