Orange Cameroon Relishes Cambium Networks F300-19R Reliability in Performance During Peak Demand.


Orange Cameroon now uses Cambium Networks equipment on its network with a significant number of deployments being the F300-19R. The robust nature of the devices guarantees quality service as a result of low latency, high capacity and high availability.

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THE CONSTANTLY EVOLVING INTERNET SPACE has made the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MINPOSTEL) as well as the Telecommunications Regulatory Board (TRB) to constantly engage operators and ISPs to standardize their services so that the clients can benefit from quality internet service. Frequent interruptions in clients’ service as a result of poor performance of existing network infrastructure, high latency and poor monitoring views of the network were the setbacks faced by Orange on managing their network. Orange needed to ensure performance by adopting an appropriate fixed wireless broadband solution that would be efficient in spectrum utilization, robust and able to curb latency.

ORANGE CAMEROON WAS INTRODUCED to Cambium Networks’ ePMP fixed wireless broadband platform by Greenline Technologies. A 45-daytrial was done wherein seven links of several product across the ePMP and 450b model were installed by SIS Networking, with the details of installation.

Prior to installation, the LINKPlanner design tool was used to plan the network, and the results guided the engineers on the field to execute the survey and the installation proper. The monitoring and maintenance process was made even easier with the use of the cnMaestro NMS which gives a 360-degree view of the network. The outcome of the trial was Orange ordering a significant number of links of F300-19R.

ePMP is part of the Cambium ONE Network, which simplifies operations by providing one secure IT experience, transforming the network from a collection of disparate parts to a unified architecture. The platform integrates Wi-Fi, switching, network security, SDWAN and outdoor fixed wireless infrastructure into a single framework managed by cnMaestro™ cloud management.

ORANGE CAMEROON ENVISIONS increasing their infrastructural deployments by integrating other Cambium Networks products into their network. The deployment of wireless solutions is quickly accelerating, and easy-to-deploy solutions such as Cambium Networks stands out in the technology space.