Improving MDU Tenant Quality of Life and the Bottom Line


Multi-dwelling unit (MDU) tenants want to live in safe and secure environments. Property owners aim to accelerate improvements for security and efficiency with digital transformation initiatives. One housing project in New York needed to replace their aging switching infrastructure to connect more than 1,130 new cloud-managed cameras another with other IoT devices. They deployed 148 Cambium Networks cnMatrix™ industrial-grade, cloud-managed switches with the help of system integrator LDI Connect.

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Go From Unacceptable to Unbelievable
FIVE YEARS AGO, PROPERTY OWNERSHIP made a significant investment in installing a sitewide camera and security system. Over time, the switching infrastructure experienced an unacceptable number of failures, rendering downstream systems unavailable. Switches in some locations were overheating. The cost of replacing switches with hardened industrial switches was too high, and the process of frequently replacing the existing switches as they failed was unacceptable. The property needed a reliable switch solution that could:
• Provide a stable and reliable network infrastructure
• Deliver the reliability to provide 24/7 security for the tenants
• Support a higher temperature rating
• Scale to include remote management of video cameras and
IoT sensors and controls
The property owner needed a solution that would:
1. Be easy to use by someone without a technology background
2. Give precise details on the root cause of trouble

Upgrade Everything Without Touching a Wire
WHILE UPGRADING TO CLOUD-MANAGED CAMERAS, they decided to also replace the existing switches with cnMatrix switches from Cambium Networks. All other equipment and cabling were retained. The entire system would be remotely managed via the cnMaestro™ cloud management system from Cambium Networks. “The customer needed so see all of the ports and be able to toggle any ports for the cameras from a remote location,” said Alex Adler, Director of UCaaS/CCaaS LDI Connect. Key factors for success were:
• Overcoming design issues by using existing cabling
• Planning for scalability for a large project
• Keeping the design simple

Remarkably Simple to Operate
SIMPLICITY WAS THE KEY. The flat system architecture developed by the joint efforts of LDI Connect, Verkada and Cambium Networks enabled LDI Connect technicians to quickly deploy, configure and test each component in the system. Installation was fast and efficient. Using the cnMatrix switches’ unique Policy-Based Automation feature, a sitewide system policy was created and automatically pushed out to all cameras. Technicians only had to configure one camera on one switch, and the cnMatrix switches
replicated that configuration and pushed it out to all the switches, saving the time and energy of manually onboarding each of the cameras in the cnMatrix switches.

In addition to connecting the cameras, infrastructure also supports:
• Door lock access
• Elevator voice audio
• Intercom systems throughout the building
• Voice over IP for staff
“The technology that’s inherent in the cnMatrix switches and cnMaestro management made them a great fit for the overall solution,” said the property owner project manager.

Home Sweet Home
RESIDENTS NOW HAVE EXCELLENT EXPERIENCES with key fobs for access, intercom systems and elevator help when needed. The property manager can use the video surveillance cameras to monitor for fire hazards and safety issues. “All of this gives tenants a better experience living here,” said Alex Adler, Director of UCaaS/ CCaaS LDI Connect. “They know that their key card is going work. They know that they can get help in the elevator. They know that they can press a button and get somebody at any time. They feel confident where they live.”

The ease of installation and affordability allowed the teams to get the network up and running quickly. On top of being self-healing, flexible and simple, the cnMatrix switches created a true plug-and-play solution. Now, the building has a system that can grow with future changes to the network.