MUNI SA EG’s Fixed Wireless Broadband Service Is Exceptionally Reliable, Even During Periods of Peak Demand


The Equatorial Guinean government, in collaboration with institutions like the Telecommunications Regulator and the Ministry of Telecommunications, has implemented measures to restructure the telecommunications sector and improve public access to internet services. However, the surge in demand has placed strain on the existing infrastructure, compromising the quality of service provided.

Muni SA has been exploring alternative solutions to ensure reliable performance. They have adopted fixed wireless broadband solutions that optimize spectrum utilization, offer robustness and effectively mitigate latency issues. This strategic approach aims to address the increased demand and guarantees an enhanced internet experience for the public.

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TO MINIMIZE LATENCY, ensuring efficient and responsive communication, Muni SA has embraced the use of Cambium Networks devices, particularly the ePMP™ 3000 fixed wireless access points (AP) and Force 425 subscriber modules (SM), which have been widely deployed throughout their network. These devices are renowned for their robustness, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services. Additionally, these devices offer high capacity, enabling Muni SA to handle increased data demands without compromising performance. Furthermore, their high availability ensures that customers can rely on a consistently stable and dependable connection. The utilization of Cambium Networks devices by Muni SA guarantees a reliable and exceptional broadband experience for their customers.

MUNI SA’S EXPLORATION of various network possibilities led them to partner with GreenLine Technologies, who introduced them to Cambium Networks’ solutions. After careful evaluation, they determined that the ePMP 3000 fixed wireless APs along with F300-19 and F300-25 SMs, as well as F425 devices, were the best fit for their current needs. As a result, Muni SA proceeded with the installation of these devices throughout their network, enabling them to provide enhanced communication services to their customers. The customers who have received service from Muni SA are highly impressed with the solutions’ reliability, resulting in a positive and satisfying experience. The installation process has been supported by the LINKPlanner design tool to meticulously plan the network. The GreenLine Team provided valuable assistance in the planning and design of the Point-to- Multipoint (PtMP) links. The reports generated by the tool served as a guide for Muni SA’s engineers during the field survey and implementation phase of the installation.

“In response to the inconsistent performance and service quality experienced by some of our clients on the existing network, we recognized the need to upgrade their network infrastructure. The objective was to enhance the overall quality of service and address the reliability issues they were facing. As a result of the network upgrade, we were able to achieve a substantial increase of over 100 Mbps in throughput capacity. This upgrade not only boosted the network’s capacity but also significantly improved its reliability, ensuring a more consistent and seamless experience for our clients.”
– Lucienot Raitsarevo, Head of Business Unit ISP, Muni SA