Extend the Network with Wireless

Cambium Networks’ 60 GHz cnWave solution provides easy, fast and cost-effective wireless gigabit connectivity for edge access and/or high-capacity Wi-Fi backhaul for edge access solutions at a significantly lower TCO than fiber infrastructure.

Service providers and enterprises now have access to gigabit for business and residential connectivity, backhaul for Wi-Fi access or LTE/5G small cell. Certified for Facebook Terragraph, cnWave mesh solutions are highly efficient at handling high-density deployments in cities and suburban areas.

Multi-Gigabit Fixed Wireless

Proven in municipal deployments for high-speed connectivity for Wi-Fi backhaul and small cell infrastructure on the network edge.

V3000 is featured with a 44.5 dBi high-gain antenna with beamforming. The client nodes can support up to 7.6 Gbps with channel bonding for both point-to-multipoint (P2MP) and point-to-point (PTP) configurations.

60 GHz cnWave operates with Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro management system. cnMaestro is a cloud-based or on-premises software platform for secure, end-to-end network control.

cnMaestro wireless network manager simplifies device management by offering full network visibility and zero-touch provisioning. View and perform a full suite of wireless network management functions in real time. Optimize system availability, maximize throughput and meet emerging needs of business and residential customers.

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Video: cnWave 60 GHz V3000 Fixed Wireless Client Node

The City of San José deploys cnWave gigabit fixed wireless infrastructure for municipal Wi-Fi in the downtown area. Get the details here.

Pentanet Deploys 60 GHz cnWave to Offer Gigabit Speeds in Perth, Australia

Tizeti Network Ltd in Nigeria demonstrates the throughput speed of 60 GHz cnWave from Cambium Networks

Video: Equipment Installation Made Easy with the Alignment Tube

Additional Products
V5000 Distribution Node
V2000 Client Node
V1000 Client Node

Planning Software
cnHeat RF prediction heatmapping
LINKPlanner deployment modeling

Centralized Cloud Management
cnMaestro monitoring and management system

cnWave 60 GHz V3000 high-gain client node for Wi-Fi Backhaul



Frequency Range
57 to 66 GHz in a single SKU
Channel Width
2.16 GHz, 4.32 GHz*
Carrier Bonding*
Up to 2 adjacent channels
Mode of Operation
PMP or Mesh, PTP


Channel Access
Ethernet Interface
1 x 100/1000/10G BaseT with PoE In,
1 x 100/1000 BaseT with 802.3at PoE Out,
1 x SFP+


Modulation & Coding Schemes
MCS-0 (BPSK) to MCS-12 (16-QAM)
< 1 ms
Maximum EIRP
60.5 dBm


128-bit AES
Firmware Security
Signed Firmware Images

cnWave 60 GHz V3000 high-gain client node for Wi-Fi Backhaul