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Why Does Fixed Wireless Broadband Matter Now?

When you hear the word “wireless,” you tend to think about mobile or Wi-Fi devices. Most people do, as roughly 80% of internet traffic is consumed by end-user devices such as laptops, phones, tablets or gaming consoles connected to indoor Wi-Fi access points or routers.  Until recently, unless you didn’t…

Innovating and Delivering Connectivity Services

As the extended stay market continues to build interest and hotel brands invest their budget to create customized solutions for their guests, there are a few solutions that should be a part of the discussion. As we look at the new World Cinema customer and brand in the extended stay…

The Exact Connectivity You Need: Fixed Wireless + WiFi

Are you ready to deploy Wi-Fi but don’t have fiber to connect it to the internet? Your wait is over. Fixed wireless and Wi-Fi can be easily deployed to connect schools, healthcare facilities and entire communities. Consider these latest examples: The city of Aurora, Colorado improved their communications infrastructure to…

Group of K-12 students studying on their school-issued tablets

Students Who Never, Ever Touched an RJ-45 Cable

Students in school today have never lived in a world without Wi-Fi, and they understand and are vocal about the quality of their connection. You don’t need to ask what they think of the Wi-Fi: they will let you know. Last year in 2019, Wi-Fi celebrated its 20th anniversary. During…

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