The Exact Connectivity You Need: Fixed Wireless + WiFi

By Cambium Networks   April 1, 2021

Are you ready to deploy Wi-Fi but don’t have fiber to connect it to the internet? Your wait is over. Fixed wireless and Wi-Fi can be easily deployed to connect schools, healthcare facilities and entire communities.

Consider these latest examples:

Cambium Networks can do the same for your application.

Bridging the digital divide does not have to be complex, time consuming and expensive. Because our solutions are easy to design, deploy and manage, fixed wireless and Wi-Fi can set you free to build the exact network needed that is tailored to your application. Anyone can apply the technology to connect a community or business.

The ability for to deliver amazing results is due to much more than the underlying technology. Our local partners collaborate with organizational leaders. We take the time to understand the exact needs and apply our understanding of the technology, environment and regulations to rapidly deliver connectivity that performs well and fits the budget.

Challenge us with your connectivity needs by contacting us. Let’s get started.