Connecting People is What We Do

By Cambium Networks

The purpose of connectivity is to enrich lives. Over the last year, each one of us has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are still far from ending our struggle with the virus and its aftermath. At Cambium Networks, we are all about connecting people.

Last year, shortly after the pandemic started, Cambium Networks launched our mentoring program. Global teamwork is one of our core values, and the mentoring program is open to all Cambium Networks team members and their families. Attendees learn new skills at these monthly sessions and develop skills that will help them regardless of their career choice. The program was recently spotlighted in this Wall Street Journal article.

These sessions empower our team members to do the best work of their lives – and it shows in the technology we deliver. We and our global network of partners have been deploying reliable and affordable connectivity solutions for more than a decade. Our fixed wireless and Wi-Fi technology connects the unconnected and underconnected in cities, suburban and rural areas. Service provider and private network operators are able to connect:

Our mentoring program connecting our employees is just one more example of what we do – connecting people, places and things.

Published March 28, 2021