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Wi-Fi Streamlines Municipal Services

We have all waited in long lines at government offices. But government efficiency can become a reality with the right technology. OMG recently equipped the administration building of a local government with 100 Cambium Networks Wi-Fi indoor access points. These access points are ideal for large administration buildings that require…

The Exact Connectivity You Need: Fixed Wireless + WiFi

Are you ready to deploy Wi-Fi but don’t have fiber to connect it to the internet? Your wait is over. Fixed wireless and Wi-Fi can be easily deployed to connect schools, healthcare facilities and entire communities. Consider these latest examples: The city of Aurora, Colorado improved their communications infrastructure to…

Prepare for 2020 Education e-rate Financing

I recently attended a career day at my son’s Piedmont Middle School in Milpitas California.  It was enormously successful thanks to excellent preparation by the educators, staff and the student web leaders.  Thirty-five presenters shared advice and entertained the students about the music industry, 3D printed medical devices, robotics and…

School girls working on their homework digitally

Reach for More in Education Connectivity

Each of us remembers at least one teacher who made us feel good about learning. This person encouraged us to stretch our abilities to have a greater understanding of our world. As an adult, I admire the ability of teachers to engage each child. For me, teachers demonstrated that learning…

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