Boldly Crossing the Chasm

By Cambium Networks

Heroes lead the way. They step forward into the unknown and lead teams to solve problems for the first time. Their focus and perseverance in the face of challenges help others to learn the deep details. Their legacy is evident in the improved lives of others.

This quarter, each of our heroes led teams to solve significant problems that were holding others back. As a result of their efforts, children have an opportunity for a better life, businesses have a better chance at prosperity, and communities can improve the quality of life for their citizens and visitors.

View all of the Wireless Connectivity Heroes here. Please take a moment to nominate an individual or company who is making a difference with wireless connectivity in your area.

2Q 2021 Heroes:

Pentanet is a Perth, Australia-based start-up passionate about high-speed internet. The service provider is blazing a trail to offer multi-gigabit service using fixed wireless technology to connect business and residential customers.

Dr. Honeycutt and her team upgraded their infrastructure to support new Wi-Fi 6 technology before the devices began to appear in the classrooms, serving 12,000 students in 27 schools.

  • Danny Ixcot, Director of Development, International Children’s Care, Mexico and Chris Fikert, President, Tidal Wave Wireless, USA

Wireless connectivity changed the lives of the children and staff at El Oasis housing facility and school located in a remote section of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. Read more about their work here or watch this video.

  • Goran Ranogajec, Managing Director, Callidus, Hungary

Goran and the Callidus team design information technology solutions that are productive and cost efficient. Earlier this year, they completed their 100th European municipality connected as a part of the WiFi4EU initiative. Watch the video about their accomplishment here.

Published September 9, 2021