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Boldly Crossing the Chasm

Heroes lead the way. They step forward into the unknown and lead teams to solve problems for the first time. Their focus and perseverance in the face of challenges help others to learn the deep details. Their legacy is evident in the improved lives of others. This quarter, each of…

Delivering the Wi-Fi Connectivity that People Need

Wi-Fi has become the “Invisible hand” that makes it easy to connect everyone. You cannot see it, touch it or taste it, but you sure know when Wi-Fi isn’t there. When Wi-Fi is consistently performing, everybody wins. On #WorldWiFiDay, we celebrate the technology that connects more people every day. Fixed wireless technology makes it easy to rapidly extend fiber or wired networks to deploy Wi-Fi coverage exactly where…

Improve Your Municipality with Wi-Fi

Town centers bustle with increased activity and business. Visitors and citizens engage in community activities. This vision can be a reality for communities of any size. Now every municipality can provide people Wi-Fi connectivity without the hassle of a large and expensive project. Our cnPilot™ Wi-Fi solutions have already connected…

Heroes Shape the World

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the world, but heroes among us are rapidly adapting and shaping connectivity to empower people and improve lives. Just as every action has an opposing reaction, we celebrate those individuals who are persisting in enabling people through connectivity. Of course, their initiatives…

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