Tritech New Technologies Deploys over 50 WiFi4EU Projects

By Alessio Murroni

Tritech New Technologies has implemented over 50 WiFi4EU projects in Poland using Cambium Networks solutions. The Golden AP Award is a testament to their dedication and professionalism in providing Wi-Fi solutions in public places throughout the country. The public sector is a challenging area, and Tritech’s achievements show how innovative solutions like Cambium Networks can help local administrations and service providers overcome these challenges.

On February 8th 2023, Cambium Networks had the pleasure to present the golden AP award to Tritech New Technologies awarding them for the largest number of completed WiFi4EU municipal projects in Poland.

“We take great pride in presenting the Tritech New Technologies team with the golden AP award, which is a recognition of their exceptional work in completing a large number of WiFi4EU projects in Poland using Cambium Networks devices. Their professionalism and dedication to their work make them truly deserving of this award,” says Marcin Kopiński Business Development Manager Tritech New Technologies sp.z o.o.

According to feedback from municipalities deploying the solutions, Tritech New Technologies and Cambium Networks provided valuable support to municipalities and cities during project implementation, including building networks from the ground up and maximizing the use of available funds.

WiFi4EU – almost 9,000 modern Wi-Fi networks

WiFi4EU is an initiative by the European Commission that aims to provide free WiFi connectivity in public spaces, including parks, squares, public buildings, healthcare facilities, and cultural facilities such as libraries, museums, and community centers. The program has been highly successful in meeting the needs of cities and municipalities that face budget constraints and outdated technologies. Local governments across Europe have utilized almost 9,000 vouchers worth €15,000 each, with over 300 vouchers being used in Poland alone.

Cambium Networks solutions are 100% WiFi4EU compliant

The main reasons cited for choosing Cambium Networks solutions for the WiFi4EU project in Poland were the convenience of a complete solution from a single supplier, cost-effective use of project budgets, minimal network maintenance costs, and easy network management.

“We extend our congratulations to Tritech for their remarkable accomplishments and express our appreciation for their commitment with us. It’s important to acknowledge that the entire community of Cambium Networks Partners tirelessly contributes to the company’s worldwide achievements. We take immense pride in every Partner and their successful integration of Cambium Networks solutions,” says Sylwester Chojnacki, Cambium Networks Regional Sales Director – Central & Eastern Europe.

Published March 10, 2023