A Culture of Opportunity and Respect

By Cambium Networks

Team members at Cambium Networks live out our core value to respect others as they contribute their abilities to our success. Our team includes women who have excelled in technology and business, which we have previously shared. This year, on International Women’s Day 2023, we celebrate how the Cambium Networks’ culture enables people at all levels to learn, grow and feel respected. We also value interactions and the different strengths that each person contributes to make us all stronger.

Collaboration and mutual support are key components of the Cambium Networks culture. People feel part of a community, where they are willing to give assistance at a moment’s notice, because they know that others will provide assistance in times of need. We all move together as one collaborative team through life’s challenges: economic struggles, the COVID pandemic, and the cycles of life with close family and loved ones.

Here is how three of our team members describe their experience at Cambium Networks:

  • “Where I can do the best work of my life”
    • Cambium Networks has offered me a place where I can do the best work of my life. In the 11 years since I have started my career here, I’ve had the opportunity to not only learn the ins and outs of a new industry, but to hone my operations and marketing skills (and learn new ones) in an environment based on support, respect, and collaboration. I’ve had many mentors at Cambium—from colleagues to managers to the CEO, himself. Being able to work cross-functionally among a global group of contributors in many stages of their careers fosters relationship building, understanding, and learning. I can be myself among my peers and executives, alike. I truly enjoy working at Cambium Networks, which offers many opportunities for self-improvement and impactful contributions to the success of our company.
      • Karyn P., Marketing
  • “Get a different perspective on ideas”
    • I have worked at Cambium Networks for many years since Day 1 when the company was founded. During that time, I have always enjoyed working with many collaborative, passionate and supportive co-workers. We all come from many diverse backgrounds and experiences, which allows us to get a different perspective on ideas and contribute to good brainstorming sessions at times. I enjoy the camaraderie that Cambium fosters among its employees, and the fact that we all work together as one team for the best interests of our customers and our partners. I also enjoy that Cambium hosts an event for women on International Women’s Day to make us feel extra appreciated.
      • Amanda K., Product Line Management
  • “Driving toward the same goal with respect and support”
    • I’ve been working at Cambium close to 6 years in supply chain. The words that come to my mind are collaboration and respect. Most of us are driving towards the same goal and are respectful and supportive of each other. Plus, this company has given me the best work-life balance I’ve ever had.
      • Ana G., Operations

Through open communication, trusting relationships, and a rewarding professional career, each team member has the opportunity to succeed by contributing in different ways to the growth of Cambium Networks. If you are interested in achieving success by connecting people, places and things with fixed wireless and Wi-Fi technology, I invite you to explore our opportunities here.

Published March 7, 2023