Inspired by the Possibilities Ahead – The Best Is Yet to Come

By Cambium Networks

A lot of change takes place over the course of a decade, and even more so when you are talking about the communications industry.

When I started at Cambium Networks, 4G was considered state of the art, and everyone talked about broadband for the masses, but the reality was that we remained stuck in a world with internet haves and have-nots.

Since then, technology advances have reshaped the communications landscape. A number of technological shifts have evolved networks and brought connectivity to millions of people. And this evolution will continue to improve education, healthcare and commerce.

We set out to “connect the unconnected,” and while doing that, we have worked diligently to deliver “solutions that just work” in 170 countries. Our innovation is led by customer needs and applying technology to provide affordable yet high-performance broadband networks delivering exceptional customer value.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Cost per Megabit Trend

In 2008, the cost to deliver 1 Mbps per user using fixed wireless broadband was $50.62. As demand increased and technology evolved, by the end of this year, our innovations will have reduced that cost to $2.24 – a 96% reduction. We have done this by diligently listening to forward-looking service providers, studying the latest technology and collaborating with technology partners. This process has helped Cambium innovate and will continue to guide our future developments in 5G Fixed, 60 GHz,  6 GHz, CBRS, Wi-Fi 6E and SD-WAN technology.

Our mission has expanded to connecting your world, dynamically. That is, better connections at lower total cost in a constantly changing environment. Our fixed wireless broadband and Wi-Fi have changed lives in education, healthcare and commerce.

  • For enterprise applications, our solutions streamline logistics and transportation, improving efficiency at loading docks, warehouses, ports and rail yards.
  • Broadband Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Managed Service Providers (MSP) around the world are now leveraging comprehensive solutions that deliver exceptional end-user experiences to business and residential customers at a much lower cost.
  • In healthcare, our solutions connect elder care campuses, enabling residents to stay in touch with families and staff nurses to provide the best possible care.

As the number of devices in homes and businesses continues to expand, the demand for bandwidth will continue to grow for a long time to come. While continuing to bring affordable connectivity to the unserved and underserved, Cambium Networks also brings affordable, high-performance technology to enable outstanding digital experiences across the world from high-end hotels to senior living communities.

At the heart of it all is true camaraderie – one of our key strengths at Cambium Networks. We learn from collaboration, across the company, our partners and customers. We support global teams across time and distance. We understand the importance of standards. We work to find the intersection of technologies and needs to develop solutions that work for network operators and their users.

Every five to six years, there are significant technological shifts in the communications industry. We witnessed a shift in 2022, and we expect a bigger change in 2023. These shifts are opportunities that favor organizations that listen to customer needs and deliver real value.

If you are looking to make a difference by doing the best work of your life, the Cambium Networks team is interested in talking with you. Come join us in our journey. Check out our career opportunities here to become part of our team.

Published March 7, 2023