Wi-Fi Streamlines Municipal Services

By Bernd Eisenhauer

We have all waited in long lines at government offices. But government efficiency can become a reality with the right technology. OMG recently equipped the administration building of a local government with 100 Cambium Networks Wi-Fi indoor access points. These access points are ideal for large administration buildings that require a reliable and high-performance WLAN network.

The customer’s requirements were above all reliability and stability, security, and ease of management. Based upon these criteria the customer selected the compact cnPilot™ e410 access point from Cambium Networks. This high-speed AP is suitable for indoor use and supports the 802.11ac Wave2 Wi-Fi standard with multi-user MIMO and beamforming. With a capacity for up to 256 simultaneous clients and 16 SSIDs, the cnPilot™ e410 offers high availability even in high user density environments. This access point is perfectly suited for large office spaces with many employees. Thanks to the fast-roaming functionality of the e410 it is easy to set up a WLAN network with multiple access points that supports the mobility of the users. The powerful controller automatically and intelligently ensures that each client is connected to the best access points from a signal strength perspective and ensures that roaming from access point to access point takes place seamlessly without interruption.

The management of the network in this project is handled by the free of charge cnMaestro cloud controller from Cambium Networks. This cloud-based management platform offers an easy to use configuration and management user interface for the management of the Cambium hardware components. The dashboard overview provides a single pane of glass management where you can see how many devices are currently connected to the network and monitor the status of your access points.

In addition, it is possible to create building plans that provide an overview of the spatial location of the individual access points.

The cnPilot™ e410 Wave2 Access Point comes with a Cloud, OnPremise or AutoPilot controller, so that there are no extra management license fees or subscriptions. This means that customers who choose Cambium have no ongoing or recurring costs. In addition, Cambium Networks provides a 5-year warranty. In this case, the use of Cambium’s robust access points has enhanced connectivity, improved security and increased network performance. Cambium’s products enable reliable and highly available WLAN coverage, enabling high performance at a low cost. The Cambium WLAN solution is ideal not only for large office spaces, but also but also for schools, shopping centers, hotels or hospitals.

Let us help you to choose the right solution for your project.

Bernd Eisenhauer is a Product Manager at OMG.de GmbH

Published June 30, 2021