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Heroes Extend their Reach to Improve the World

Heroes extend their excellence into new arenas to improve the world. For them, obstacles initiate creativity, drive them to think outside the box and push them to do what has never been done before. They reduce risk by quickly developing a deep understanding of how to make the most of…

Wi-Fi Streamlines Municipal Services

We have all waited in long lines at government offices. But government efficiency can become a reality with the right technology. OMG recently equipped the administration building of a local government with 100 Cambium Networks Wi-Fi indoor access points. These access points are ideal for large administration buildings that require…

Healthcare Solutions Featured Image

Wireless Technology Improves Patient Care

Every healthcare facility has multiple use cases where a Wi-Fi network is integral to patient care. Connectivity makes it possible to track and monitor patients, trace the location of high-value assets, deliver optimum voice and video communication for staff, and enable telemedicine interactions with reliable connectivity over a myriad of…

Rapidly Expanding Hospitals to Provide Care

With the COVID-19 virus affecting more people, hospitals are challenged to provide care for a number of patients that exceeds the capacity of the facility. Turning patients away is not an option. Hospitals are looking at constructing temporary facilities in adjacent parking lots to provide professional care to people in…

Extending Care in a Cancer Hospital

There is nothing more important than caring for a loved one who is suffering from cancer. All of the urgent items in your inbox go on hold as you make time to help care for the patient and comfort family members. The Hospital de Cancer de Barretos is one of…

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