Rapidly Expanding Hospitals to Provide Care

By Cambium Networks

With the COVID-19 virus affecting more people, hospitals are challenged to provide care for a number of patients that exceeds the capacity of the facility. Turning patients away is not an option. Hospitals are looking at constructing temporary facilities in adjacent parking lots to provide professional care to people in need. Wireless technology has proven to help people in need when natural disasters strike.

A wireless network composed of a point-to-point link and a Wi-Fi access network can be rapidly created to provide:

  • Secure access to patient records
  • Low latency to support video conferencing for healthcare professionals
  • High bandwidth to provide seamless conference calling and data transfer
  • VPN services for segmenting hospital staff and patients
  • Voice over Wi-Fi services
  • Video surveillance capability

We have very capable network operators who have installed wireless connectivity rapid deployment kits in support for municipal emergency response teams, including healthcare facilities. Many network operators are utilizing our unlicensed backhaul links coupled with our Wi-Fi access points to extend coverage, provide video surveillance or to extend their wired infrastructure. Based on the recent events, counties are reaching out to us and we are pointing them to partners such as Buckeye Mountain in the United States who have this solution kitted with cabinets & solar power.

These network extensions are simple to operate, provide the capacity needed and can be deployed in short order. These rapid deployment kits have been successful in connecting medical centers, municipal emergency response teams and outside or remote ambulatory/triage/testing facilities in the following cases:

A wireless network extension doesn’t require extensive time and cost. Expanding coverage and capacity can be easy and affordable with:

  • Automated, cloud-based provisioning and self-optimizing Wi-Fi with real-time monitoring
  • Self-installation of secure, remote, multi-functional network access points
  • Centralized management of the entire network

If this kind of connectivity will be of value to your healthcare strategy, please contact us immediately. Our global network of 6,000 partners is very likely to have technology in stock that will help. Cambium Networks encourages everyone to follow advice from their local government health agencies, take precautions and care for others. As members of a global community, we are persevering in doing the right thing to help healthcare professionals and people in need. Our mission to connect people, places and things guides us regardless of the circumstances.

Published March 30, 2020