Wireless Technology Improves Patient Care

By Cambium Networks
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Every healthcare facility has multiple use cases where a Wi-Fi network is integral to patient care. Connectivity makes it possible to track and monitor patients, trace the location of high-value assets, deliver optimum voice and video communication for staff, and enable telemedicine interactions with reliable connectivity over a myriad of medical, staff, patient and guest devices.

Managing this network is a complex job for a network administrator with a lean staff. So, a solution that is asked to deliver on these core healthcare requirements must also reduce the burden of managing such a network. The solution needs to be easy to plan, deploy, monitor and troubleshoot. To reduce the administrative burden, the technology must leverage automation to provide a zero-touch experience and analytics.

Cambium Networks brings a legacy of RF excellence and has a track record of deploying mission-critical, indoor-outdoor wireless solutions to address the needs of healthcare organizations:

  • Common Cloud Management with Software as a Service (SaaS), on-premise or private cloud deployment options.
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning for Wi-Fi APs and switches.
  • Policy-Based Automation (PBA) on switches delivers zero-touch deployment, security and operational efficiencies.
  • Rich set of Application Programming Interface (API) for out-of-the-box integration with key healthcare ecosystem partners.
  • Webhooks for real-time monitoring and insights from the infrastructure.

Our solutions meet the stringent requirements to smoothly integrate with the healthcare environment:

  • Tested for interoperability with vital ecosystem partners, including Stanley Healthcare, Spectralink, Vocera and Ascom for voice over Wi-Fi healthcare communications systems.
  • IEC-60601 certified for healthcare and integrates with leading medical device ecosystem vendors, asset tracking, nurse collaboration and video applications.

“Wi-Fi 6 solutions from Cambium Networks deliver the connectivity we need for residents, staff and guests,” said Bruce A. Weintraub, CEO of HealthSignals, a North America provider of connectivity solutions for senior living. “Centralized management makes it easy for our team to provision, install and monitor connectivity in multiple facilities so that we can improve quality of care, while reducing maintenance costs.”

Costs are equally important. A recent Tolly Group report showed that Wi-Fi 6 access points from Cambium Networks outperformed Aruba, Meraki (Cisco) and Ruckus in terms of performance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

A number of Cambium Networks ConnectedPartners are delivering mission-critical healthcare outcomes using the innovative Cambium portfolio:

  • Reha Clinic in Italy is using a high-density Wi-Fi deployment to improve dementia patient care by monitoring and tracking patients and staff with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wearable tags.
    • CWS Digital Solutions, a leading IT systems integrator, installed Cambium Networks Wi-Fi access points to provide patient data collection and locationing capabilities to meet the coverage and device density requirements.
    • HealthSignals, a North America provider of connectivity solutions for senior living, is delivering a superior network experience for residents, staff and guests across a network of distributed senior living facilities. Cambium Networks’ Wi-Fi 6 solution and cloud management is helping HealthSignals improve quality of care at reduced costs.

With Cambium Networks, medical-grade Wi-Fi networks are made easy without breaking the bank.

Published April 28, 2021