The Green Bridge Over the Digital Divide

By Cambium Networks

We can create a better world while respecting natural resources. As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, the issues of natural resources and the digital divide persist, but there are success stories that illuminate the path ahead. Innovators are connecting large numbers of people with solar-powered wireless connectivity around the world.

Solar-powered fixed wireless along highway has selected the theme of Restore Our Earth for this year’s activities. With a low carbon footprint, the latest wireless technologies give us the opportunity to improve life without wasting natural resources. Consider these success stories from around the world:

  • In the United States, Mountain West Telephone in Casper, Wyoming is able to extend connectivity beyond the reach of wired infrastructure with fixed wireless.
  • In India, a major service provider supports outdoor Wi-Fi in villages with more than 20,000 solar-powered Cambium Networks e500 hotspots.
  • In Nigeria, Service providers achieve amazing capital efficiency with solar powered fixed wireless broadband and Wi-Fi technology. Kendall Ananyi, CEO of Tizeti Network Limited discusses the details of the capital efficiency of super-efficient solar powered wireless communications in this video.
  • Rural areas of New Zealand are connected by Primo Wireless with fixed wireless infrastructure that is rapidly deployed at a fraction of the cost of trenching fiber or cable technology.
  • In Brazil, solar-powered Cambium Networks Xirrus Wi-Fi access points provide coverage along hundreds of kilometers of highways where there is no cell phone coverage.
Solar-powered fixed wireless access
Solar-powered hotspots in Brazil

Cambium Networks is all about wireless innovation and goodness, and these use cases demonstrate solutions that are simply not possible without wireless technology. Solar-powered fixed wireless technology is proven to be reliable, rapidly deployable and cost effective. Improving connectivity while respecting the planet is within reach.  

Sharing best practices can help us all. I encourage network operators and system integrators to share their photos and stories here on our community.

Published April 22, 2021