Multi-Gigabit Wireless That Makes a Difference

By Cambium Networks

Asking the question “So what?” can quickly get to the essence of an issue. Technology and business efficiency are extremely important, and in answer to the “So what” question, they are most meaningful when they are coupled to a higher purpose. There is more to Cambium Networks than outstanding technology: Cambium Networks is all about innovation and goodness.

Our wireless solutions literally change lives. When the COVID-19 pandemic started to ramp up in Spain, hospitals were quickly stretched beyond their capacity to provide care for patients. Temporary facilities were created, and healthcare professionals bravely stepped up to do everything they could to provide care. In Spain, working with our distributor Wifidom, network integrator Ibersystems, and installer PB Seguridad, we provided indoor Wi-Fi access points to the Plató Hospital in Barcelona to establish connectivity wherever it was needed.

According to this article in Redes&Telecom, the Wi-Fi deployment supports streaming video cameras located within each hospital room. The system enables the staff to quickly provide better care to more patients and saves large amounts of scarce personal protective equipment (PPE), which must be discarded after each patient visit. Thanks to this network, it is possible to monitor patients 24/7 without having to enter the rooms unless absolutely necessary. This enables a better distribution of resources in the hospital.

Total control over the teams was achieved remotely thanks to the VPN connections to WairLink Mamut management teams in each plant and to the cloud configuration of Cambium Networks. This allowed for changes and adjustments at all times without exposing the communications technicians.

Our Wi-Fi technology is top notch. Our solutions provide high-capacity connectivity for enterprises. The system includes cloud management to improve efficiency in provisioning and management. Through close teamwork with our global channel partners and integrators, our solutions work consistently. Our wireless technology and global teamwork support the higher-level cause to improve lives. In this case, our mission-critical solutions improve health care in Spain to save lives during the pandemic. Let us know what challenges you are facing. Cambium Networks is ready to help.

Published June 23, 2020