Extending Care in a Cancer Hospital

By Cambium Networks

There is nothing more important than caring for a loved one who is suffering from cancer. All of the urgent items in your inbox go on hold as you make time to help care for the patient and comfort family members.

The Hospital de Cancer de Barretos is one of Brazil’s most advanced facilities, with 380 full-time doctors and 3,500 staff members treating 6,000 patients. As outstanding as the medical facilities are, they knew that they had a communication problem between medical units and buildings on campus and also with the Wi-Fi that they offered visitors. The wireless connectivity could not support the needs of the hospital staff, and the Wi-Fi could only support a few dozen users.

It was time for change. The hospital IT staff worked with RJ Network, a local technology integrator, to implement an affordable solution with the throughput capacity to connect users at any location on the hospital campus. After a site survey, the team decided to deploy a cnPilot™ 802.11ac Wi-Fi network throughout the facility.

Now that cnPilot Wi-Fi is installed, the system now supports over 6,000 users and 8,000 user profiles, with no slowing or errors. You can find the details in the case study.

Staff and visitors feel the difference:

  • Single Sign On enables people to remain connected as they move between buildings
  • Young patients have access to learning and games
  • All patients have online access to keep in touch with family
  • Visitors have access to get to urgent items in their inbox while they support loved ones
  • The IT team now has analytics to identify bottlenecks and issues to minimize downtime

Coincidentally, during the IT transition the hospital changed its name to “Hospital de Amor” – the hospital of love. Wi-Fi cannot cure the disease that patients and doctors battle every day, but it can make a difference, keeping patients, staff and visitors connected and helping them be at their best, showing love and providing support amid one of life’s biggest challenges.

Published June 8, 2018