Hospital de Amor and Cambium Networks: Ensuring Quality of Care, Promoting Quality of Life

By Cambium Networks

Hospital de Amor, formerly Hospital de Cancer de Barretos, Brazil’s preeminent oncological treatment facility, selects Cambium Networks solutions to upgrade their Wi-Fi network for the support of critical communications and patient care.

A cutting edge cancer hospital needs the best in connectivity, assuring end-to-end coverage of the entire campus for both administrative and individual use. Hospital de Amor’s many units, thousands of staff, and multitude of patients all rely on seamless access to facilitate vital data sharing and recordkeeping, facilities operations, and communication with loved ones and morale-promoting entertainment.

With the help of local integrator RJ Network, the hospital planned and deployed a cnPilot™ solution that successfully brought the entire campus and all of its subsidiaries under the coverage of a reliable, scalable Wi-fi network – also incorporating analytics by Wispot that enable capabilities such as social login for visitors, online surveys to improve patient experience, and real-time data collection that empowers efforts by the hospital to manage resources and connect with potential donors.

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Published June 8, 2018