Innovating and Delivering Connectivity Services

By Cambium Networks

As the extended stay market continues to build interest and hotel brands invest their budget to create customized solutions for their guests, there are a few solutions that should be a part of the discussion. As we look at the new World Cinema customer and brand in the extended stay hotel industry, StayAPT, we see that they considered the challenges that might occur when guests stay for a longer duration.

Fast and reliable connectivity. Through ImpruviX and Cambium Networks delivered property-to-property consistency and value to properties and their guests. Reliable connectivity has become central to the hotel guest experience and often drives high levels of guest satisfaction. Connectivity is especially critical for remote workers who will expect the connectivity to be more reliable than what they would get at home or the office. There are multiple circuits hotels can choose from that deliver the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi to their property.

Security. WCI’s ImpruviX solution offers unparalleled security segmentation and instant onboarding, making it a clear choice for clients like this. With tangible ROI and monetization opportunities built into the solution, as well as the business value of lower cost of ownership (without sacrificing quality or security), ImpruviX delivers industry-leading service and features into new verticals that have never had access to this level of solution in previous competitors price points. 

Investing in technology allows hoteliers to provide the unique experiences guests crave when choosing a hotel. Through online concierge services, smart room controls, virtual check out and more, in-room technology is a simple way for hoteliers to cater to guest preferences, while also setting their hotel up to seamlessly adapt to guests’ evolving needs.

For more details, check out the Creating Network Value for New Brands with Customized Solutions case study.

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Ella Ahmed Steele is the Senior Director of Marketing at World Cinema

Published June 16, 2021