Heroes Shape the World

By Cambium Networks   May 4, 2020

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the world, but heroes among us are rapidly adapting and shaping connectivity to empower people and improve lives. Just as every action has an opposing reaction, we celebrate those individuals who are persisting in enabling people through connectivity. Of course, their initiatives in response to the pandemic stand out as you can see in the examples of connecting hospitals and schools. There are also heroes persisting in connectivity initiatives that started prior to social distancing and quarantining as is the case in connecting villages in India and the WiFi4EU initiative.

These are visionaries who understand how wireless technology can create business, improve healthcare and education, and impact the lives of individuals in their communities. These leaders clearly see what can be done and take action to bridge the digital divide, and they provide templates for others to replicate.

These five individuals are not alone. Each quarter, we celebrate the successes of those who put the needs of the community first. Please take a moment to nominate an individual or company making a difference with wireless connectivity in your area.

1Q 2020 Heroes:

As a key component of the CSC initiative to deploy digital infrastructure in villages in India, Valley Telegence has led the installation of 12,000 hotspots in part of the world’s largest rural broadband connectivity project.

As quarantining began in Texas communities, Chadd and his team installed parking lot outdoor Wi-Fi that extended the schools’ network so that students could participate in lesson plans and research while social distancing. Chadd shares his experience and best practices in this solution paper.

Steve shares his story of how he and his team enabled local schools to provide “drive-in” connectivity for students so that they can continue their education. His solution is shared in this paper and this video.

To improve commerce, education and public safety, the WiFi4EU project focuses on providing Wi-Fi in municipalities. This project in a large area in the north of Spain provides service to a community where ADSL and 4G are not available.

Martín and his team rapidly deployed Wi-Fi throughout a seven-floor hospital in Spain to improve health care and connectivity for patients while providing doctors and nurses rapid access to information.