Why Does Fixed Wireless Broadband Matter Now?

By Mary Peterson   August 19, 2021

When you hear the word “wireless,” you tend to think about mobile or Wi-Fi devices. Most people do, as roughly 80% of internet traffic is consumed by end-user devices such as laptops, phones, tablets or gaming consoles connected to indoor Wi-Fi access points or routers.  Until recently, unless you didn’t have access to DSL, cable or fiber, you probably didn’t think too much about how the data gets from the Wi-Fi access point or router to the internet. However, as more and more Wi-Fi access points are deployed, the gaps in the high-speed wired networks are becoming more apparent.  Often, a fast wired access to the internet is not right there to connect it.

That’s where Fixed Wireless Broadband, also known as Fixed Wireless Internet, comes in.

Fixed Wireless broadband has been around for decades proving itself to be reliable and efficient mostly in rural areas and developing markets. The arrival of 5G along with the explosion in demand for broadband performance has plunged fixed wireless into the spotlight.

Need a multi-gigabit connection in a matter of days? Fixed Wireless Broadband could be the solution.

New standards in millimeter wave, including 5G, are changing the debate about the proverbial “last mile” internet connection.   Cambium Networks has been innovating on top of these standards to enable our customers to deliver fiber-like speed and reliability …. wirelessly.   If your location is within a mile of a high-speed internet connection your wait for fast internet at an affordable price may be over.

That does not mean we build mobile infrastructure.  We leave that highly complex endeavor to others.  Instead, we re-purpose Wi-Fi and mobile standards, including 4G and 5G, specifically for fixed wireless use cases.  The result is purpose-built fixed wireless that delivers fast, reliable performance at a fraction of the cost of fiber or mobile-based infrastructure.

Wireless is the way to go. In homes, in businesses, everywhere. History has already shown us, what can be wireless, will be wireless. Every industry is evolving fast, and fixed wireless enables any organization to build the connectivity they need in a matter of days.

•            For Campus Area Networks

•            For Business and Residential Connectivity

•            For Wi-Fi Backhaul

This video provides a <2-minute introduction to fixed wireless broadband.  Enjoy!