How We Make It Right the First Time

By Cambium Networks

It isn’t easy or fun to be a wireless broadband service provider. Demand for broadband is high, the RF spectrum is scarce, and end customers don’t understand the technology. But it is certainly rewarding for those who connect communities, support working and education from home, and create meaningful jobs for their staff.

It’s easier to be successful when you have the right technology.

Cambium Networks supports wireless broadband service providers who are extending networks with fixed wireless broadband and Wi-Fi to connect the unconnected around the world. We listen to the challenges, understand the needs and take action to produce innovative technology solutions that deliver the highest levels of throughput in the tight slivers of spectrum that are available. In the United States, we have pioneered the use of CBRS frequency bands with Spectrum Access Systems (SAS) and priority access licenses (PAL) licenses. Around the world, we support making Wi-Fi 6 available to connect people. Our 60 GHz solutions deliver multi-gigabit throughput to extend fiber networks in days.

Our mutual success depends on fully understanding your perspective. For the last four years, our broadband service provider survey has provided insights that help us prioritize the development of the right solutions at the right time. Our fifth annual survey is open for your input right now. I encourage you to take 15 minutes and share your views.

The 2021 survey is available in five languages:

Results from the 2020 survey are available here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Published August 19, 2021