Northern Beaches Broadband: A Testament to Resilience and High-Performance Fixed Wireless Broadband Connectivity

By Cambium Networks

A little over 6 years ago, in the heart of Sydney’s picturesque Northern Beaches, Northern Beaches Broadband (NBB), spearheaded, a revolution in high-speed internet connectivity using Cambium Networks PMP450m Fixed Wireless Access Points. With a commitment to delivering enterprise-grade internet solutions that cater to both homes and businesses, NBB stands out not just for its exceptional service but also for its robust infrastructure. A recent event challenged this commitment when a fire devastated a neighboring building in Newport Beach, NSW. Among the chaos, one phenomenal product stood out: the PMP 450 access point, part of Cambium Networks’ 5 GHz PMP 450m series.

This equipment was engulfed in smoke and drenched by firefighting efforts. “After the fire, we were certain the Cambium equipment would succumb,” said Simon Bond, co-owner of NBB. “To our astonishment, when we were able to recover the PMP450b Subscriber Module (SM) after the fire and plugged it into the network, it just worked. It’s a grand salute to the engineering and build quality of Cambium products.”

The PMP 450m is a cornerstone of NBB’s infrastructure, providing a robust foundation for their service. This access point is renowned for its throughput capabilities, delivering over 550 Mbps in a 20 MHz channel and more than 1.2 Gbps in a 40 MHz channel. It embodies the essence of high-performance connectivity with MU-MIMO technology, enabling spectral efficiency of more than 60 bps/Hz. This feature, combined with smart beamforming, significantly reduces interference, ensuring that NBB’s clients enjoy a seamless online experience.

Northern Beaches Broadband’s commitment to high-quality service is further exemplified by their deployment strategy. Utilizing Cambium Networks’ industry-leading technology, including the 5 GHz PMP 450m access point, they have crafted a network that supports the high demands of home-based workers and businesses in the Northern Beaches area. Community is the focal point of their service and enabling great connectivity for the community is what makes them the preferred service provider.

“We are more than just a service provider; we are a lifeline for our community’s connectivity needs,” Simon added. “Our technology not only promises high performance but also delivers reliability when it matters most.”

For residents and businesses on the Northern Beaches, NBB’s use of Cambium Networks’ technology ensures that their internet connection is not just fast but also trustworthy. With a network availability of over 99.99% since its inception in 2017, NBB has proven that they are pushing the boundaries of great connectivity.

Northern Beaches Broadband’s story is not just about surviving a fire; it’s about providing unwavering connectivity against all odds. It’s a demonstration of high performance and reliability that lie at the heart of their service, powered by the unparalleled technology of Cambium Networks.

Simon and Karyn Bond are the owners of Northern Beaches Broadband

Published March 20, 2024