Federal Defense

Unrivaled protection starts with unparalleled connection.

When it comes to national defense, connectivity is mission critical. Cambium Networks delivers field-proven wireless connections for military battlefield, border, garrison and infrastructure purposes.

Our solutions are the most broadly deployed COTS+ Microwave applications in recent U.S. military operations. Fully vetted by the national government, all our products have up-to-date requisite security and frequency certifications, and they comply with rugged MiL-SPEC requirements.

What Sets Us Apart


  • A nomadic, turnkey and toolless wireless networking kitted solution makes installation fast
  • Ultra-wideband radios cover 4400 to 5785 MHz (45700) and 7125 to 8500 MHz (78700)
  • Integrated deployment-planning software helps optimize network performance


  • Comprehensive, expandable portfolio of high-capacity/multipoint Wi-Fi 6, IoT and millimeter-wave solutions
  • Modular components enable you to ramp from small tactical networks to dense garrison applications


  • Centralized management of the entire network
  • Proven low total cost of ownership

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