Rapidly Deploy Tactical and Fixed Permanent Microwave

Microwave Line-of-Sight (MLoS) backhaul solutions from Cambium Networks are the most broadly deployed COTS+ Microwave in recent US military theatres, where Cambium Networks is the preferred microwave backhaul solution deployed in support of defense operations globally.

Fully vetted, having received the US government’s requisite security and frequency certifications, and rugged MiL-SPEC requirements, MLoS solutions are easy to deploy and provide consistently reliable broadband wireless connectivity.

Cambium Networks offers secure and reliable wireless solutions for tactical and garrison operations. For tactical network deployments, Cambium provides nomadic turnkey tool-less wireless networking kitted solutions and high capacity multipoint, Wi-Fi 6, IoT and millimeter wave solutions.

Solutions for garrison operations include fixed wireless networking for backhaul and distribution, Wi-Fi access, IoT and millimeter wave solutions.

Field proven wireless communications for military battlefield, border, garrison and infrastructure applications.

Cambium Networks brings the flexibility and ruggedness needed in a battlefield-ready radio – and are first to do so in both traditional and non-traditional frequency bands. Our Ultra-Wideband point-to-point and multi-point microwave solutions for strategic and tactical (battlefield) applications include:

  • High spectral efficiency at 10+ bits per hertz
  • Anti-jam capabilities with Dynamic Spectrum Optimization (DSO) and full-time spectrum analyzer
  • Traffic flow security
  • Dynamic Asymmetry, manually shape your traffic load, or let our intelligent radios manage it for you!
  • NTIA SPS and Defense JF12 spectrum certifications
  • Multiple layers of FIPS-validated security including physical, certificate, and over-the-air-rekey security
  • All hardware and ancillary items TAA Compliant
  • Design to optimize COTS+ latest technology with cost efficiency

The most compelling “COTS+ Microwave” Wireless Connectivity Solutions Deployed Across All DoD Agencies

Field-proven, agency-vetted solutions provide reliable broadband for video, voice, and data applications across national defense networks.

FIPS 140-2 Validated, J/F-12, NTIA SPS

Wireless Broadband Solution with FIPS 140-2 & MIL-STD-810-H Standards

Connectivity Kit

The Cambium Networks PTP 700 High-Capacity MLoS radio leads the industry with the longest range, highest capacity, best spectral efficiency and ease of deployment. All at best total cost of ownership (TCO) COTS. PTP 700 is now even easier and faster to deploy as part of Cambium Networks’ turn-key Connectivity Kit.

Rapid Installation and Configuration

The CK deployable mast deploys to 18M in less than 40 minutes by a two-man crew.

  • Includes No-Touch Antenna Alignment system (TD90), PTP 700 radio, tool-less bracketry, and a single hardened power + data cable up the mast
  • Highly portable and tool-less deployment
  • Can be expanded to include WI-FI, mmWave, or renewable energy solutions

Concept of Operations

Tactical MLoS Connectivity Kits provide consistently reliable high-speed communications for:

  • Fixed Microwave Line of Sight (MLoS) for Border Security Infrastructure
  • Backhaul for forward deployed expeditionary forces
  • FoB to FoB High Capacity IP backbone
  • Terrestrial distribution for SATCOM
  • On-the-halt border connectivity
  • Temporary infrastructure for expeditionary forces
  • ISR (intelligence backhaul) for force protection

High Performance

  • Highest bits/Hz of any COTS+ Tactical Radio
  • Highest performance in allocated channels
  • Widest frequency range – Ultra wideband radios covering 4400 to 5785 MHz (45700) and 7125 to 8500 MHz (78700)
  • Dynamic Spectrum Optimization (DSO) for interference avoidance, LPD (Detection), and LPI Intercept

Dynamic Spectrum Optimization (DSO) is a unique capability offered by Cambium Networks in our PTP products that enables a system to automatically sample and change channels to avoid interference without affecting link service.

Multi-Gigabit Wireless that Just Works

Improve coverage and capacity across your tactical network. Rapidly deploy wireless solutions that improve productivity and efficiency. Use wireless solutions that are proven to be robust, reliable and cost effective.

Cambium Networks is the only manufacturer offering a theater proven turn-key Connectivity Kit for battlefield applications.

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