Cambium Networks GDS & Fairwinds Technologies Collaborate on Deployed Connectivity Kits

By Ryan Peterson

At Cambium Networks Global Defense & Security, we are honored to work with a number of partners who implement our communications solutions in various military and government organizations. Our partner, Fairwinds Technologies, has an excellent reputation of working closely with customers to design and develop a custom technical design that best fits their requirements. Based on our long-standing working relationship with Fairwinds, we collaborated on several recent contracts. Here are just a few of those “wins”:

31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade

The 31st Brigade, stationed at Ft. Sill, are using the PTP 700 Microwave Line of Sight (MLoS) Connectivity Kit to augment their existing systems and establish secure ground communications. The 31st Brigade purchased four kits with various customizations: the full-force MLoS Assembly, the OmniDirectional Antenna Kit with a 360-degree hub point, and sector antenna Connectivity Kits with 90-degree coverage, with antenna integration. These kits are now being used for the base’s schoolhouse and for various exercises that occur multiple times a year, many of which involve multinational participation.

5th Special Forces Group

The 5th Group, part of Special Operations Forces (SOF), was interested in a communication system that could provide quick and discrete deployment capabilities. They were inspired by the success of the 31st Brigade in Kuwait, where 5th Group observed these solutions in a 31st Brigade demonstration. 5th Group chose to use the PTP 700 MLoS Connectivity Kit with Ultra Wide Band capabilities approved for military use. This kit features an elevation system and can be set up within 45 minutes, proving less cumbersome for the warfighter.

The 266th Range Squadron in Mountain Home, Idaho

The 266th Range Squadron also used the PTP 700 radio but opted to use it without the Connectivity Kit. The 266th supports communications for the Air National Guard’s range squadrons, focusing on terrestrial range communications. To support this effort, these radios are mounted on anti-skid pads and fixed towers according to mission requirements.

FAA in Eagle Pass, Texas

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) collaborated with Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) in Eagle Pass, TX for communication solutions that support backhaul land and surveillance applications on the border. The FAA often served as the prime contractor for CBP and operated in multiple areas of responsibility (AORs), using both PTP 700 and PTP 820 radios. The ultra-wideband radio capabilities helped deal with interference and control issues along the border.

Each of these customers had different needs; Fairwinds Technologies keenly determined which solutions worked best for their purposes. Cambium Networks’ kits include different antenna options for various communication needs; they can be deployed as discrete microwave links or in a combination of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations. With minimal tool set-up and an average 45-minute run-time, these solutions are ideal for mission-critical deployments.

Published October 9, 2023