Don’t Be Late for the 6 GHz Land Rush

By Ray Savich

Are YOU Ready?

Opening the 6 GHz frequency band for outdoor fixed wireless is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for service providers. The equipment results are real. The integration is being proven. Once the FCC opens the spectrum, there is only one other part that needs to be ready: YOU.

Real 6 GHz Results

  • More than a dozen WISPs are currently in beta tests with ePMP™ 4600
  • From WISP Talk:
    • Tim Meads says, “Running 80 MHz and getting around 600 down 300 up”
    • Jose Camarillo says, ”Under 2 miles you can get close to or over 1gig “

Real Validation

  • Cambium Networks has completed the testing for PIA (Persistent Inquiry Approval), which validates our ability to accurately reflect GPS coordinates.
  • Cambium’s ePMP 4600 is in the regulatory lab testing with an AFC system. We plan to complete this soon, wrap up the reporting, and submit to the FCC.

Get Your Playbook

How do you prepare? You get the facts and make a plan that works for you. Cambium Networks has developed a 6 GHz playbook that includes everything you need in one place. Register here to get a free copy of the playbook on October 9.

In the playbook, you will find details on:

  • US spectrum landscape and AFC process
  • Expanding ePMP and PMP networks to cover 6 GHz
  • What QoE (Quality of Experience) can do for your network
  • Planning for 6 GHz
  • 6 GHz FAQ
  • How to apply for your experimental license

Get the playbook. Discuss options and strategies at WISPAPALOOZA. Pack your bags. Soon it will be time to go.

Published September 29, 2023