Why Enterprise IT Teams Switch

By Daran Hermans

Every enterprise network has an incumbent service provider and equipment vendor. Change isn’t easy for enterprise customers, but when the performance and economics are compelling, it is the right course of action.

“Hotel guests don’t see the Wi-Fi equipment we install; they only see the experience that Wi-Fi delivers. Working with Cambium Networks, we are able to deliver the latest Wi-Fi 6 experience from the guest room to the meeting room, even covering outdoor spaces such as golf courses or RV parking. Cambium Networks cnMaestro X gives us visibility and configuration security across all the network components.” Scott Jamison, President, Hospitality Division, Safety NetAccess

Cambium Networks gives enterprise IT teams and value added resellers (VAR) the tools that can make your business more successful and easier to manage. Take a look at the current vendor product lineup and create an objective side-by-side comparison. If you are not familiar with Cambium Networks, this is the time to understand the offerings and value delivered.

Exceptional Digital Experiences Made Easy with Cloud Management

End users will say that the technology is your business – and they are right. You may never hear from end users who are pleased with their online experiences. You will know they are there with the 24×7 performance data in Cambium’s cnMaestro™ cloud management paired with on-site intelligent access points, switches, and SD-WAN router. The system is secure, backed up and fully redundant.

cnMaestro is available in a basic starter mode for free. Don’t let the word “free” confuse or mislead you. cnMaestro Essentials delivers everything you need to efficiently build and manage a true enterprise network, including:

  • Self-healing, plug-and-play Wi-Fi – Just plug in 1, 2, or 200 APs and cnMaestro + intelligent APs that automatically optimize the RF
  • Remote diagnostics – Run a Wi-Fi interference scan, remote packet capture on an AP, download statistics, view client connection and statistics from the cloud
  • Manage Wi-Fi APs, Switches, and fixed wireless broadband (FWBB) – manage the entire network (up to 10,000 devices for free) from a single pane of glass

Grow your business with cnMaestro X

As your needs increase, add a cnMaestro X account subscription to the devices in the network.  you get:

  • Application Visibility and Control, RESTful API, webhooks, one-year data storage, device/client/usage detailed reports
  • Automate manual switch and device configuration with Policy Based Automation in Ethernet Switches
  • Effectively run a distributed MSP business and enable tenant administrators to manage their own accounts with MSP workflows
  • Better end user experiences enabled by extensive guest portal options including payments, ambassador, Azure authentication

Wi-Fi Access Points

Cambium APs are “familiar, but different.” If you have purchased APs from other manufacturers, then many of the APs we sell will be familiar to you. Everyone offers low, medium, and high-tier indoor and outdoor APs. Here is how Cambium Networks APs stand out:

High-tier AP differentiation

  • Save money by deploying fewer AP’s while delivering great connectivity.  Cambium has the highest capacity AP in the market with a total of three SDR radios. This is a special case AP (the XE5-8) that you would use in very high-density markets such as universities and event centers.

Medium-tier AP differentiation

  • Migrate your mid-tier AP to 6 GHz with no cost or extra effort.  Cambium is the only Wi-Fi vendor that includes a software defined radio (SDR) in the mid-tier. The XE3-4 gives you two 5 GHz radios totaling up to 6 transmit/receive streams. The nearest competitor has only a single 5 GHz radio with 4 transmit/receive streams. The 4×4 SDR radio on the XE3-4 can be switched to 6 GHz operation with no extra cost or effort
    • Net-Net:  Cambium mid-tier APs have 50% more capacity, and investment protection for the future
  • Cut the number of outdoor Wi-Fi access points in half or even more.  The outdoor XV2-2T series is market proven to be ~2x greater range than any competitive outdoor AP. It has a specially designed high efficiency (HE) antenna that optimizes the transmit and receive. Operators consistently see ~2x the range in a variety of environments.
    • Net-Net:  Cambium outdoor APs outperform common competitive APs

Low-tier AP differentiation

  • Don’t be frustrated by the need to by accessories.  All APs include the mounting brackets needed.  You never (or rarely) will need to purchase something else to install our APs
  • Indoor APs generally have the same or slightly better radio coverage than competitors
  • Protection includes a limited lifetime warranty (tier 1 competitors have this as well, but not all competitors include a lifetime warranty)
  • Cost-efficient pricing can be 5% to 10% lower price

Ethernet Switches

Create rules for devices and automatically distribute them across the network. Any device, like printers or security cameras. When those devices connect, they are identified and the Ethernet port is automatically configured with the correct VLAN, QoS, power, etc. This reduces human error and increases network security. This is achieved with Policy Based Automation (PBA).

In addition, when Cambium switches are being deployed with Cambium Aps, PBA enables you to reduce errors and enable faster configuration and increased security. No one else includes this degree of simplification and configuration enforcement.

Cambium switches are offered in 10-port, 18-port, 28-port, 52-port versions. Available options include switches with and without PoE and redundant removable power supplies.

Routers and Security

Keep your network secure from infected devices or hackers. When any device connects (a printer, a PC, a hacker), the NSE3000 scans the device for known vulnerabilities and checks against the NIST CVE database. NSE 3000 is an SD-WAN, stateful firewall, router, tunnel termination, network services. The differentiation comes from the integrated IDS engine, content filter, IOT fingerprint, and CVE scan database. 

I hope this short intro helps. Contact Us if there is any information you need.

Published September 29, 2023