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Connecting Thousands of People for Charity

The Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska is a 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is to raise money for cancer research. Ninety percent of the profits benefit the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center in Omaha, with 10% donated back to local communities’ health and wellness programs. The Cattlemen’s Ball has become one of the Midwest’s premier…

We Make “Secret Sauce” for Wireless Service Providers

Where does “secret sauce” come from? For each business, it is different. Dave Sobel’s article, “Do brands managed service providers use matter to customers?” got me thinking about network end customers’ fierce focus on high quality and speed at low costs while being completely indifferent to the underlying technology used.…

Cambium Networks Delivers New Wi-Fi 6 Products, Improving Speed While Reducing Ownership Costs by up to 30 Percent

New Access Points and Multi-Gigabit Switches Powered by Software-Defined Radios and Cloud-Based Management Tools ROLLING MEADOWS, IL, June 24, 2020 — Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM), a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today introduced several new Wi-Fi 6 products, including two wireless access points, six multi-gigabit switches, and enhanced cloud-based…

Wireless Is the New Fiber: Cambium Networks Changes Broadband Economics with New Wi-Fi 6 Access and 60 GHz Fixed Wireless Technologies

Multi-Gigabit Wireless Becomes an Affordable Alternative for Urban, Suburban, Rural,Industrial and Enterprise Deployments – From New York to Naples to Nigeria ROLLING MEADOWS, IL, June 24, 2020 – Building on decades of wireless experience and millions of radios deployed, Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM) today announced new products that eliminate the silo…

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