What’s Your 6 GHz Resolution for 2023?

By Bruce Collins

January is the time we set goals and look forward to all that a new year brings. 2023 brings a major growth opportunity for WISP’s in the United States with the impending opening of 6 GHz spectrum for fixed wireless outdoor access (FWA). The expectation is that by mid-year, the FCC will authorize broad use of an additional 850 MHz of new, clean spectrum. The new spectrum promises interference relief, higher speed services and a new path to growing your network. Other countries outside of the U.S. are also making plans for 6 GHz so watch for those announcements as well. Here are some ideas on how to include 6 GHz into your 2023 plan.

Many service providers are already testing the new equipment under an experimental license. Experimental licenses are granted by the FCC for the purposes of technical evaluation of new spectrum but not for commercial deployment. If you are interested in getting an experimental license to try this equipment in your own network, there is still time. The process requires making an application to the FCC which typically takes 30-40 days and costs a few thousand dollars if you engage a consultant. Cambium Networks has published an easy-to-follow guide for submitting your FCC experimental license application (click here to get your copy). 

For those customers with experimental licenses already, the results we are hearing are nothing short of game-changing. There are more than a dozen service providers testing the new ePMP platform in real world scenarios. The ePMP 4600 Access Point and the Force 4625 and Force 4600C Subscriber Modules are delivering more than 1 Gbps service at ranges greater than two miles and multiple Gbps in shorter ranges or in point-to-point links. You’ll find a lot more information about 6 GHz in general and the ePMP 4000 Series here. While you’re at the website I’d encourage you to also have a look at QoE (Quality of Experience). The QoE solution pairs very nicely with the new high speeds available with ePMP 4000. QoE improves end users’ experiences resulting in less churn, fewer support calls and can even reduce the load on your backhaul as you increase the speeds you are offering your customers.

With the new ePMP 4000 Series, Cambium Networks has products ready to go in the pipeline and all set to deploy as soon as the FCC hits the GO! button. The ePMP 4000 series fixed wireless access network solution incorporates all the proven scalability and performance of ePMP such as MU-MIMO, TDD synchronization, air fairness algorithms and interference mitigation but now incorporates features from the latest 802.11ax technology such as OFDMA, wider 160 MHz channels and even up to 4096QAM modulations. As the fourth generation of the platform and with more than 3 million nodes deployed, ePMP has been proven around the world as an economical solution to deliver service in cities, suburbs and remote rural areas. Cambium Networks distributors in the United States have more information on how you can place a pre-order for these products and get your place in line for when shipments begin.

So, as you set your plans and goals for 2023 make sure you are including 6 GHz spectrum and looking at products like the ePMP 4000 Series. Visualize your network at the end of the year delivering Gbps service with satisfied customers telling their friends about the great service they are getting.

2023 New Year’s Resolution for 6 GHz

  1. Study 6 GHz and consider an experimental license
  2. Review the ePMP 4600 and Force 4625 data sheet and case studies
  3. Contact your Cambium partner to discuss pre-ordering equipment
  4. Watch the news from Cambium for official FCC launch dates
  5. Make plans to incorporate 6 GHz into your network to offer new higher-speed services
  6. Plan your end of 2023 celebration of the new happy customers you’ve brought into your network
Published January 11, 2023