Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel Delivers 5-Star Wi-Fi

By Atul Bhatnagar   September 8, 2022

Wi-Fi can make or break a hotel guest’s experience. It touches every moment of the day. When the Wi-Fi just works, hospitality staff can focus on the more visible aspects of making guests feel welcome and comfortable. Each guest has a great experience and looks forward to their next stay.

Nobu Ibiza Bay hotel in the Balearic Islands in Spain delivers Wi-Fi connectivity the way it should be. Guests can now enjoy access speeds of up to 600 Mbps in their rooms and have a unique system that allows them to maintain clear videoconferencing and other streaming connectivity while roaming from one area to the next.

“The demand for quality connectivity has increased exponentially since the start of the pandemic,” says Javier Muñoz, CEO of Spanred, the integrator who designed the solution. “Nobu Ibiza Bay is now at the state of the art of Wi-Fi, offering a premium connectivity experience anywhere in the hotel.”

The hotel is part of Nobu Hospitality, the global lifestyle brand founded by Michelin-starred chef Nobu Matsuhisa, actor Robert De Niro and producer Meir Teper, which now has 11 establishments in Europe, five of them in Spain. The hotel recently renovated its Wi-Fi to exponentially improve access speed, expand coverage and grow the number of simultaneous users.

The project was completed in one week and involved the deployment of a new, high-speed, high-capacity Gigabit network. The deployment included the installation of an access point in each of its 152 rooms and another 100 access points spread throughout the hotel’s different facilities and areas such as swimming pools, restaurants, beach bars, cafes, the wellness area, stores, the hairdresser, the fitness center and rooftop.

In addition to Wi-Fi, each guest room now also has multiple Gig E ports for connecting game consoles, computers and any other device. Spanred chose Cambium Networks’ cnPilot e425H indoor Wi-Fi wall plate access points that include these network outlets, simplifying deployment and eliminating the need for any construction work. For more information check out this recent article in Profesional Horeca on how the hotel offers hyperconnectivity to improve guest experiences.