How to Make Excellent Online Experiences

By Cambium Networks   August 29, 2022

When professionals share a common vision, great things happen. The four Connectivity Heroes this quarter applied their talents to deliver outstanding user experiences and change the world by improving rural connectivity, education and social services. As community leaders face increasing needs for services and tight budgets, broadband can provide a dramatic improvement in the quality of life. Wireless broadband and Wi-Fi technology make this transition happen in a matter of days or weeks.

More than 50 people have received the Connectivity Hero Award since 2017. View all of the winners here. While we spotlight these heroes, we know that there are many more people connecting the world. Please take a moment to nominate an individual or company who is making a difference with wireless connectivity in your area.

2Q 2022 Heroes:

  • Merle Isaacson, Connect Mobility for collaborating with municipal leaders to connect the small town of Standard in Alberta, Canada with 60 GHz mesh technology. Merle says, “Fast deployment of 60 GHz cnWave has extended the village’s fiber core to connect every business and resident. Adding the ePMP 3000 Wide Area Network was an excellent choice to support local families living on acreages and farms. Its proven architecture made it a great choice for Standard, Alberta.” Read the full story in The Village of Standard Achieves Gig Speed in 21 Days case study.
  • Odion Edehomon, Dalet Access Labs for implementing a 60 GHz mesh solution and working with the city of Fairhaven, CA, the school district and Cogent Communications to bridge the digital divide for education. The project is a collaboration between the California Department of Education (CDE), Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE), California-based technology firm, Dalet Access Labs and the Samoa Peninsula Fire District’s Fairhaven fire station. It was designed as an advanced model to create internet access for rural students. Read more about the deployment in this article.
  • Jean-Yves Simon, Nomosphère for building a citywide Wi-Fi network in Paris to support CASVP social workers and improve the quality of life for citizens. Nomosphère provides managed service provider (MSP) operation and management services to more than 10,000 locations across France and abroad. The solution also includes a customized captive portal with multiple languages that easily manages authentication and differentiated resources. Learn the details in this press release.
  • Claire Deltor, City of Paris Social Action Center (CASVP) for collaborating with MSP Nomosphère to innovate a connectivity solution to improve healthcare for people in Paris. More than 5,000 CASVP social workers provide assistance to seniors, people with special needs and families living in vulnerable circumstances. Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy for social workers and caregivers to dramatically improve the level of care by offering health monitoring, training sessions to learn skills and aid application assistance. Learn the details in this press release.