Align Tactical Defense Communications in Seconds with Integrated Smart Antenna from Cambium Networks

By Cambium Networks

Integrated PTP 700 smart antenna boosts signal quality while mitigating interference

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., September 26, 2023 – Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM), a leading global provider of networking solutions, announced today the new PTP 700 Beam Steering outdoor unit (ODU) with an integrated smart antenna that enables antenna alignment in seconds and high level interference mitigation to provide secure communications in hostile environments. The Beam Steering ODU significantly reduces link setup time by automatically and precisely steering the antenna radiation pattern.

“Defense networks require wireless technology that can be set up quickly and perform in harsh environments with jamming and interference,” said Mike Ihrig, CEO, MI Technical Solutions. “One of the biggest challenges in deploying wireless networks is antenna alignment. Electronic beam steering addresses this challenge by removing people and manual alignment systems from the equation. We are eagerly anticipating the addition of the PTP 45700 with Beam Steering antenna to our deployed assets, allowing us to continue delivering increased benefits and capabilities to our warfighters.”

Antenna alignment can now be completed in a matter of seconds instead of the minutes required when using manual alignment or electromechanical positioners. Beam steering combines the ease of sector antenna deployments with the performance of highly directional antennas. The PTP 700 beam steering capabilities can also steer RF nulls at interferers, increasing the signal to noise ratio (SNR) and improving communications performance. The Beam Steering ODU can be used at both ends of a link for optimal performance or at one end, combined with another PTP 700 ODU operating in the same band.

In addition to providing rapid link alignment and set-up, the PTP 700 beam steering capability reduces the need for electromechanical positioners in shorter links. Eliminating the electromechanical positioners reduces the cost and complexity of the complete solution, eliminates an operational point of failure, and substantially reduces the cost and weight of transporting the radio nodes – particularly in tactical situations.

“Our solutions support broadband applications for national defense, federal and civilian agencies, public safety, and national law enforcement,” said Ryan Peterson, Director of Global Defense and Security, Cambium Networks. “The latest model takes the performance features like Dynamic Spectrum Optimization and high spectral efficiency and adds a smart antenna with beam forming and null steering to increase interference mitigation.”

PTP 700 Beam Steering ODU features:

  • 120° azimuth and 30° elevation smart antenna coverage
  • Maximizes gain through beamforming
  • Supports rapid tactical deployment
  • Minimizes system cost, complexity, and weight
  • Integrated Spectrum Analyzer, allowing real-time and historical monitoring of spectrum
  • Rugged design, tested to MIL-STD-810H and IP66/67 environmental specifications
  • Interoperable with other PTP 700 models operating in 4.4 – 5.875 GHz band

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Cambium Networks Global Defense and Security (GDS) solutions deliver field-proven wireless connections for military battlefield, border, garrison and infrastructure deployments. Our solutions are the most broadly deployed COTS+ Microwave applications in recent U.S. military operations. Fully vetted by the national government, all our products have up-to-date requisite security and frequency certifications and are tested to MIL-SPEC requirements.

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Published September 26, 2023