Cambium Networks Launches New Programs and Tools to Help Resellers, Distributors and Service Providers Grow Revenue with Wi-Fi 6

By Cambium Networks

Partners Accelerate the Path to Wi-Fi 6 with New Enterprise Hardware and Automation

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL, June 24, 2020 — Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM), a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today introduced new programs and tools to help partners, distributors and managed service providers (MSP) grow revenue and transition enterprise customers to Wi-Fi 6 technology. Cambium’s new channel investments include: an upgraded partner portal; a TCO Profiler software tool for quickly comparing deployment options; a “not for resale” Wi-Fi 6 starter kit; dedicated channel marketing and inside sales resources; virtual partner bootcamps; expanded free online training; virtual online demonstration capabilities; and expanded digital marketing funds.

The new programs and tools enable partners to sell, deploy and manage Cambium’s new Wi-Fi 6 products, including two wireless access points, six multi-gigabit switches, and enhanced cloud-based software that simplifies wireless network design and deployment. The new products are based on a software-defined radio architecture that dramatically increases Wi-Fi speeds while reducing ownership costs by up to 30 percent per megabit.

“Businesses that deliver outstanding connectivity while controlling total costs have a sustainable advantage,” said Ron Ryan, Senior Vice President of Global Channels at Cambium Networks. “Our partner program provides customers with innovative wireless broadband and enterprise Wi-Fi solutions that deliver simplicity, scale, and significantly lower total cost of ownership.”

The Cambium ConnectedPartner program is designed to help partners drive sales and succeed with Cambium Networks’ wireless connectivity solutions. Partners benefit from having access to an intuitive partner portal, product-line discounts, sales and marketing tools and resources, as well as free virtual sales and technical trainings. In addition, Cambium partners have exclusive access to the unique TCO Performance Profiler tool that details the comparative total cost of ownership of a specific solution and models the total cost per megabit delivered. As part of the program, Wi-Fi partners now also have access to a new “not for resale” starter kit that include a Wi-Fi 6 access point and 16-port multi-gigabit switch. Potential reseller and MSP organizations in selected countries can also apply for a free Wi-Fi AP and associated cloud subscription to try out the products before becoming a partner.

“Cambium’s channel program gives partners the right tools and virtual online demonstration capabilities to be successful and support their continued growth,” said Zach Hubeck, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Wav, Inc. “The new TCO Profiler is a real game changer, making it extremely easy for us to visually showcase to our customers the value of Cambium’s Wi-Fi 6 technology and the benefits of upgrading their networks.”

High Performance Wi-Fi 6 Technology

Cambium continues to provide the most advanced Wi-Fi technologies to meet organizations’ increasing connectivity needs. The company introduced today a new software-defined multi-radio architecture that delivers multi-gigabit Wi-Fi 6 performance to support more simultaneous video streams and more concurrent users than ever before at a low cost. This new architecture includes two wireless access points, six multi-gigabit switches, and enhanced cloud-based software that simplifies wireless network design and deployment.

Cambium’s new Wi-Fi 6 products deliver unprecedented performance and value versus competitive products. For example, deployment of 100 Cambium XV3-8 access points with XMS-Cloud management provides an average cost savings of 29.8 percent over five years, compared to similar deployments of 100 Wi-Fi 6 access points from five other enterprise Wi-Fi vendors. Similarly, a deployment of 100 Cambium XV2-2 access points with cnMaestro management provides an average cost savings of 42.0 percent over five years, compared to similar deployments from five other enterprise Wi-Fi vendors. (Comparisons are based on publicly available MSRP pricing and product specification information.)  Learn more here.

“Working with a technology provider that delivers the right tools and most advanced networking technology was instrumental in our recent efforts to upgrade the network of the International School of Luxembourg to the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology that can support its 5,000 users,” said Peter Degelin, Managing Director at Mobile Networks. “Our relationship with Cambium continues to pay off as we’re embracing capabilities that help us differentiate ourselves and better support our customers.”

Fast to Revenue

MSP’s with lean IT organizations can rapidly grow revenue by adding new users, locations and services with a turnkey MSP dashboard in Cambium’s cloud-based management system. They can also streamline onboarding of thousands of customers without requiring a technical expert onsite.

Cloud Automation and Open Integration Tools to Position and Differentiate Service

With Cambium, MSPs and resellers can provide consistently exceptional user experiences because all enterprise sites are easily managed with a single pane of glass. MSPs can use open APIs to integrate their own differentiated service offerings and efficiently connect services to management platforms including billing, ticketing and guest access. Managing multi-access use cases for administrators, staff, and guests is easy via a cloud portal. Software and firmware upgrades are automated with “set and forget” cloud subscriptions to support a lean IT approach.

In addition to the hardware and software, Cambium’s enterprise Wi-Fi solution is supported by a broad ecosystem of technology solution partners, including edge applications, engagement, location analytics, network design and security services.

Cambium’s ConnectedPartner program has won CRN’s 5-Star award three years in a row and has been recognized for offering solution providers the best partnering elements in its channel program.

For more information, plan to join our Executive Round Table session on June 25 at 8:00 am Pacific time.

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Published June 24, 2020