100,000 Wireless Technology Posts

By Cambium Networks

Learning never stops. Successful people are lifelong learners who are continuously engaged in the discussion of new ideas. Wireless technology is rapidly evolving to meet end-user demands for connectivity. Wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN) are converging. Last week, in our announcement on Wi-Fi 6 and 60 GHz solutions, our Multi-Gigabit Wireless Fabric of solutions demonstrate that Wireless is the New Fiber. So, how do people learn about the latest advances in wireless technology, particularly when the COVID-19 pandemic has many restricted to working from home?

The Cambium Networks Community provides a discussion forum for people to discuss all things related to Wi-Fi, switching and fixed wireless technology. Here, more than 34,000 registered members from around the world discuss best practices, technology applications and real-world field performance. Topics include forums on technologies including Wi-Fi 6, 60 GHz, CBRS and Video Surveillance. There is a section where you can propose and vote on ideas for development and a knowledge base of technical information. There are discussion areas for solutions including education, hospitality and wireless ISP topics. Adding to the discussions are enterprise network operators, industrial private network operators, students building their knowledge on wireless technology, and service providers with networks serving dozens of subscribers in local areas to hundreds of thousands across a region.

Recently, the Community had its milestone 100,000th post. The post is a great example of the role that the Community plays in helping network managers optimize performance. In this case, network operator Josh Peterson is using the cnMaestro cloud-based management system to onboard subscribers to new CBRS frequencies using PMP 450m wireless distribution access points. In the thread, Community members Cambium_Brian, a regional technical manager deeply skilled in working with network operators on such matters, shares his advice and mentions that the Cambium Support team will be able to help.

Josh Peterson says, “Cambium produces equipment that has proven to be a tremendous value not only to our organization but more importantly to our customers as well. The equipment is resilient in even the harshest of Minnesota winters. Not only has Cambium’s equipment proven useful, but so has Cambium’s online community where I have been able to search for answers to my issues and keep up with news on the changing wireless landscape.” 

I encourage you to join the Community. Be a part of the conversation by learning from others and sharing your experience.

Published June 30, 2020