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What our customers are saying
“After trying other wireless solutions, we selected Cambium's PMP 450 platform because of its superior performance and reliability.”
Luca Spada
CEO of NGI, Italy
“In eight years, we’ve grown to nearly 200,000 customers and this would not have been possible without a reliable fixed wireless broadband solution provider. Our continued relationship with Cambium Networks is a testament to the value of its turnkey fixed wireless platforms which fit seamlessly with our existing infrastructure and allow us to quickly install new equipment.”
Jack Koo
President and CEO, RISE Broadband, USA
“We needed a highly reliable, high-capacity, low-latency connection to have the surveillance camera respond immediately, and we now have that. The Cambium solution meets our needs and is a more cost effective solution.”
Captain David Fleet
Deputy District Commander, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, USA
"With ePMP, we know that we can provide reliable service in a noisy environment better than anyone else. That means fewer trouble calls, better customer satisfaction, and more customers...pleased with our service."
Joe Falaschi
General Manager, E-vergent
“BECI is very comfortable with using a private network for communications transport with their substations. They have reliable performance, lower costs, and also the additional security of knowing that they are not sharing the network and exposing themselves to risk.”
David Busby
Engineering Director, LRC Wireless
“We were able to connect the entire system: Narrowband to meters and sensors, and broadband for database and Internet. Communications were running in weeks with equipment and support from Cambium Networks.”
Carlos Mena
Technology Leader, Aguakan