Get the details on hardware and software warranty coverage options.

PTP Warranty

Cambium Networks Point-To-Point Warranty Options

While our point-to-point products are engineered and quality-tested to withstand severe weather conditions in the most challenging of physical environments, occasionally hardware components can fail as a result of these extreme situations. It is on those off occasions, you can count on us to provide you with the type of warranty coverage you would expect of an industry leader. Cambium Networks offers comprehensive warranty options for our entire portfolio of Point to Point licensed and license free solutions to include Standard Warranty, Extended Warranty and All-Risk Extended Warranty.

12-Month Standard Warranty

When you purchase any of our PTP portfolio solutions, the purchase price includes a 12-month limited warranty to the original purchaser for the hardware components. This means a defective hardware component will typically be repaired or replaced within 30 days of return. In addition to the initial hardware repair-and-return program for damaged parts, the Standard Warranty for our PTP Series radios also includes minor software updates as they become available during that initial 12 month period. You can count on our 24 x 7 Support worldwide.

Upon receiving your PTP product from Cambium, you will need to register your standard warranty online to activate the free 12-month warranty period and to obtain the notifications of software updates. Subsequently, you also have the option to purchase any of our Extended Warranty programs at the time of your initial purchase or any time prior to the expiration of your 12-month standard warranty.

Extended Warranty Year Options and All Risk Options

There are two types of Extended Warranties available for purchase in order to receive upgraded and/or extended equipment coverage with technical support and software updates:

  • Extended Warranty and All Risks Advanced Replacement Program;


  • Extended Standard Warranty

Both are available with an additional one, two or four years of coverage

Please download the attached Data Sheet to evaluate the Warranty Option best for your business requirements.

PTP Extended Warranty Data Sheet

Unit Registration

Thank you for purchasing a Cambium Point-to-Point (PTP) product, and for taking the time to register it here. Cambium PTP Registration is quick and easy. It also allows us to contact you to inform you of any software updates as they become available.

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Activate PTP Warranty

In order to activate your Extended PTP Warranty, you will need to complete this form. Your Warranty Access ID is contained in the Warranty Pak shipped to you. Minutes after completing the form, you will receive an email confirmation and your extended warranty will be activated.

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PMP Warranty

Cambium Networks PMP Warranties


While our point-to-multipoint products are engineered and quality-tested to withstand severe conditions, occasionally hardware components can fail as a result of extreme situations. Therefore, Cambium Networks offers Extended Warranties with equipment coverage and replacement options to support your point-to-multipoint solutions.

12-Month Standard Warranty

When you purchase a PMP radio you automatically receive a one-year limited warranty on hardware components, plus minor software enhancements as they become available. This initial hardware warranty provides a 30-day replacement program for damaged parts. At the time of equipment purchase or anytime prior to the expiration of your 12-month standard warranty, Cambium Networks recommends that you purchase one of the following Extended Warranties to receive extended equipment coverage:

  • PMP Extended Warranty: The Cambium Networks PMP Extended Warranty extends your initial 12-month standard equipment warranty with the same 30-day replacement terms through the second, third or fifth years of ownership. To purchase an extended warranty, please see a Cambium Networks authorized reseller.

PMP Software Maintenance Contract

After the initial 12-month standard warranty, an annual Software Maintenance Contract must be obtained to continue receiving software updates and technical support. The contract includes minor software enhancements as they become available and 24/7 telephone support. Contracts are available through Cambium Networks’s authorized reseller partners or directly from the Technical Support Center with a credit card.

Major software feature enhancements may require the purchase of a license key and/or new hardware.

Cambium Networks PMP Extended Warranty Documents

Cambium PMP Extended Warranty Datasheet