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A Decade of Disruptive Connectivity: 5 Million Milestones

Since launching our suite of PMP solutions more than ten years ago, we have sold more than five million wireless radios in 150+ countries around the world.

Three Key Concerns for the Smart City Infrastructure

The smart city is something that could dramatically reshape and improve the way we live, from cutting down traffic on the morning commute to helping first responders react to an emergency.

Next-Gen 911: Where Does Broadband Come In?

The 911 system can pinpoint our locations and allocate resources quickly in emergencies like this one. But the growing reality of today is that households are cutting the cord, and they rely on mobile devices, data networks and Wi-Fi to make calls and transmit information.

Quality Video: No Longer a Nice-to-Have

Remember in the early 2000s, when video-chatting with loved ones over long distances was a luxury? Streams would cut out all the time, and when they did work, they were often choppy. Even with today’s plethora of sleek videoconferencing options on desktops and mobile devices, a slow connection speed can still spoil the whole experience.