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Making Citywide WiFi a Reality

Citizens are demanding WiFi connectivity. Politicians garner support in elections based on the promise of city wide WiFi. Despite that, it is very rare, for these promises to be met effectively. There are mainly three reasons: Cost of deployment, Delay in deployment, and Keeping the infrastructure functional after the commissioning. Let’s dive into each and understand further.

Digital India: From Dream to Reality and a World of Possibilities

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a historic speech at the Digital India event in San Jose, California, where he discussed India’s pressing need to bridge the digital divide and make online information available to all. Even as smartphone usage in India has surged over the past two years to more than 175 million users, there remains a massive opportunity to connect the roughly one billion citizens and 600,000 villages to which online access still seems like a distant dream.

Introducing Cambium’s Cloud-managed WiFi Solution

Today Cambium Networks announces cnPilot™ a suite of 802.11ac WiFi products for use in home, enterprise, and industrial networks. cnPilot is managed through cnMaestro™, the company’s new cloud-based network lifecycle management platform, and fulfills network operators’ increasingly rigorous requirements for affordability, scalability and frictionless deployment.