Cambium Networks Blog

Introducing Cambium’s Cloud-managed WiFi Solution

Today Cambium Networks announces cnPilot™ a suite of 802.11ac WiFi products for use in home, enterprise, and industrial networks. cnPilot is managed through cnMaestro™, the company’s new cloud-based network lifecycle management platform, and fulfills network operators’ increasingly rigorous requirements for affordability, scalability and frictionless deployment.

Disaster Recovery Connectivity Changes Lives

In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan crushed the Philippines. The worst storm on record; it killed more than 6,300 people and completely destroyed countless buildings and infrastructure. Coastal cities and towns were heavily damaged, and many villages were completely wiped out.

How Big Data in Schools Impacts Network Security

Following on my previous blog on holistic data visibility in winning NBA championships and improving business operations and revenue models, I was reminded of this article from the New York Times: Some Schools Embrace Demands for Education Data.

One Radio Many Missions

The common thread in National Security and Critical Infrastructure communications applications is that missions vary dramatically based on changing objectives: 1) Disaster recovery and first responder situations may start small and localized before expanding rapidly in unexpected directions. 2) Border Security and Video Surveillance deployments are impacted by terrain, desired topology and changing capacity requirements. 3) Tactical deployments by definition are never the same twice.