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Connecting Wirelessly Where Needed

What is the main obstacle to expanding wireless connectivity? In a recent poll of service provider and enterprise wireless network operators at our Cambium Connections event, attendees prioritized RF spectrum availability as the single most important factor, more significant than funding for the business or available technology. Wireless networking is…

Make Our Superpower Yours

All heroes have superpowers: the things that separate them from mortals and make them special. When recently asked about Cambium Networks’ superpower, I realized that the one I hold at the top of the list is spectral efficiency. Like gold or diamonds, RF spectrum is scarce. Network operators who sell…

SDR Technology Helps WISPs Extend Connectivity in COVID-19 Pandemic

The FCC is moving at unprecedented speed to help provide communications in response to COVID-19. They recently granted Special Temporary Authority (STA) to allow the use of 45 MHz of precious spectrum to fixed wireless service providers to deliver telehealth, distance learning and enable remote working in rural areas in…

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