Critical Communications Made More Efficient with Cambium’s Dynamic Spectrum Optimization (DSO)

By Ryan Peterson

It is common practice for Military, Public Safety, and Security forces to choose to deploy Microwave Line-of-Sight (MLoS) wireless solutions in tactical or austere environments due to the speed and efficiency afforded in setting up deployable networks. When designed correctly, MLoS systems provide nearly the same capacity and reliability as fiber and wired alternatives. In most cases, microwave point-to-point links are implemented in a matter of hours, dramatically faster than fiber and wireline alternatives. Additionally, wireless backhaul is a particularly attractive solution where completely private leased lines are not available. Situations like these are often found in locations where the local carrier is not a trusted partner, such as a tactical AOR.  

One consideration that is arguably the largest challenge facing deployment is spectrum availability. Finding clear receive channels within a congested medium can prove quite difficult. Reasons the medium is congested may be tied to actual radio density (channel availability), co-existence with unintentional interference and protection from near-peer adversaries threatening intentional interference. The bottom line: the key to successful MLoS wireless deployments is high fidelity of receiver signals while making effective use of the available spectrum within the host users’ area of operation.

Cambium Networks’ Dynamic Spectrum Optimization (DSO) offers a unique technology advantage to organizations facing contention of available spectrum resources. Channel availability, intentional jamming, cross-border or co-site interference can all cause severe loss of C6ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber-Defense and Combat Systems and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) capabilities. DSO, when combined with Ultra-Wideband radio capabilities, makes Cambium Networks’ PTP 700 series radios unmatched in resilience when compared to any other technology, including those with frequency hopping features. Cambium Networks’ DSO capabilities provide intelligent, full-time, in-band spectrum analysis allowing for full situational awareness while tuning away from jammers and interference in real time. This allows for maximum link throughput.

To find out more, register to attend our DSO webinar at 9:00am – 10 am CDT on Wednesday July 21 to see how DSO exceeds the interference-mitigating performance of conventional methods, including frequency hopping, while maximizing data throughput when combined with the Ultra-Wideband capability of the Cambium Networks PTP 700 series radios.

If you would like more details on Cambium’s Dynamic Spectrum Optimization (DSO) feel free to contact us.

Published July 20, 2021