Connecting Wirelessly Where Needed

By Cambium Networks

What is the main obstacle to expanding wireless connectivity? In a recent poll of service provider and enterprise wireless network operators at our Cambium Connections event, attendees prioritized RF spectrum availability as the single most important factor, more significant than funding for the business or available technology.

Wireless networking is becoming critical to society as demand for broadband grows. Government regulatory agencies play a central role, and leaders are taking action and subsidizing funding as a part of their digital agendas.

The open question and answer sessions from the event provided an opportunity for attendees to ask their questions directly to a panel of executives from the Cambium Networks leadership team. This is a great opportunity to measure the unfiltered pulse of the interests of network operators around the world. Here are some snapshots from the discussion:

  • Work is wherever you are. Devices and people in the home with need to be connected with WFH. Four people in a home will typically have 20-25 connected devices. They are using critical applications to work and learn from home, and that’s on top of traditional entertainment and web browsing. Now, multiple simultaneous video streams are a part of everyday life. Someone is always using the network.
  • Network operators need to be able to monitor and control quality. The home network is becoming more sophisticated, and end users need more assistance to get set up and ensure that they are receiving reliable service that meets expectations. Network control must be centralized to manage the network efficiently so that customer satisfaction is high.
  • Regulatory agencies are taking unprecedented actions to make spectrum available. 6 GHz spectrum is opening, and the United States is seeing outstanding results from the innovative spectrum sharing plan in CBRS frequencies. As regulations evolve, network operators need to understand the opportunities that are becoming available.

Cambium Networks is committed to connecting people, places and things with fixed wireless technology. Our solutions are proven to be reliable and efficient. Bring your connectivity challenges to us. We welcome the opportunity to connect your world.

If you missed the event, you can view the recording of each session through our playlist.

View the full recorded video of the Executive Question and Answer sessions:

Published March 16, 2021