What Happens Where the Fiber Ends?

Rugged and remote landscapes won't support fiber deployments. Wireless is a means to connect people, places, and things where it is not practical to deploy fiber technology.

Connecting Small and Mid-size Enterprise with Fixed Wireless

Mobile World Congress concludes today, and one of the show’s last panel discussions centers on a favorite topic of ours – how to connect small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs). For over a decade, Cambium Networks has been deeply entrenched in delivering broadband to where it’s most difficult and helping communities…

Expanding Your Network Comfort Zone by Increasing Your Tool Kit

This past week I authored an article regarding fixed wireless broadband challenging wireline operators to work outside their comfort zone through OSP Magazine). The reality is that fixed wireless broadband (FWBB) is a complimentary technology that allows wireline operators to economically (i.e., profitably) provide broadband access to the unconnected (and…